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Domain Parking

You may have not heard of domain parking before. Domain is when you buy are domain but you do not use it for anything. It is just parked. Parked domains are like a investment that you can earn money from. You could even earn a lot if you get good at it. If you have thought of a brilliant domain but do not have any skills to build a website for it then register it parked ! Once you have the domain name everything else is free. Even selling it.

What happens when you park a domain?

when you buy a domain and leave it untouched then when people visit it they will see a page from the company that you brought it from saying that the page is taken.

Making money from your parked domain

When you have a parked domain it is filled with ads if you do not do anything with it. This is how you make money. Every time someone clicks on a advertisement then you get paid. It is that simple.

As well as this there is also a second way to make money. You can sell your domains. Of you have came up with a great domain that someone else wants then you can sell it to them for more than you paid for it.

Expired domains instead of new domains 

Instead of buying new domains you should buy expired domains. If you buy a new domain then it is proberly not going to already have any inbound links. However if you buy a expired domain it may still have some links to it from the old website that used that domain.

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