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10 ways to advertise your website offline


10 ways to advertise your website offline

advertising your website is one of the hardest parts of actually running it. You may have great content on it but if you are not advertising then you may not be getting the visitors you deserve. Many people like to advertise their website online as it makes sense to advertise to people who are already online at the current time that they see the advertisement. However it does not hurt to do a bit of offline advertising as well as it can be more cost-effective and can deliver some promising results.

Print on T-Shirts

If you have some plain T-shirts then you can easily print the URL of your website on them at home. If you are going shopping or out for the day then you are going to pass hundreds of people who may potentially see your URL and visit your website.

Print Posters

Printing posters is another easy way to advertise your website and can potentially be done at home, however if you want to look professional then you can pay a printing company to print your posters instead. Then all you need to do is put them up in your local shops and see who actually looks at them.

Business Cards

Business cards are now more affordable than ever and look very professional when advertising a business website. You can also add links to your social network accounts on them to try to grow your online following. Hand your business cards out to people you meet  or leave them with people who are willing to help you spread them.

QR Codes

You can now put QR codes on nearly anything and many people can now scan them with their mobile phones and you can send them straight to your website in one click. You can place QR codes on anything from posters to T-shirts and people will be more willing to scan them than manually search for your website as it is quick and easy.

Wireless network and Bluetooth name

This is another simple yet effective way of increasing website traffic. Set the name of your Bluetooth and wireless network to your websites URL. That way whenever anyone searches then your URL will come up. If you leave your Bluetooth permanently on when you go to busy places then you could potentially get some good results.

Blogging events

If you are trying to advertise your blog then you could see if there is any bloggers events on that you could attend. If you are using WordPress then they have many meet-ups that may be worth attending to let people know who is behind the blog.


If you are trying to advertise a big website and you have a lot of money to invest then radio advertising may bring you great results. You can advertise in your local area and at times at what your target audience will be listening.

Other computers

If you have access to any public computers that other people have access to then you could easily leave your webpage open for the next person to find and if it looks interesting then they may want to take a look around your website.


You can stick stickers anywhere. They are not very expensive to purchase and you can place them anywhere. If you often send stuff in the post to people then you could stick a sticker on the packaging. As well as this you can place a sticker just about anywhere. Even on your desk at work.


Everyone uses a pen almost everyday and they are a great place to get your website URL printed onto. Go around handing these pens out and if people notice your website being advertised then they may feel obliged to take a visit.

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  1. Kevin B

    April 12, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    A nice post. Thanks for the share !

    • Admin

      April 12, 2012 at 8:40 pm

      No problem. Make sure you follow us on Twitter !

  2. Peter J

    April 12, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    There is some great information in this post. I am considering trying to print T-Shirts to help advertse my business as it is a small local business where many local people would be able to see people wearing the clothing. Cheers for posting !

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