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video blogging – A profitable business or a waste of time ?


video blogging – A profitable business or a waste of time ?

Blogging and video blogging have both been around for years now, However the existence of video blogging (vlogging) was minimal for many years. That is all starting to change though now as video sharing websites have grown and technology has become cheaper.  However the question still remains whether people should spend their time trying to create a killer video series. In this post i will tell you about video blogging and give you some of its advantages over a traditional blog.

Equipment and resources 

Thankfully, all the equipment and resources you will need for video blogging are available for little money now a days. If you are going to have a good video blog then you are going to need good quality content, just like a normal blog. For this you will need to invest in a reliable and good camera. I would recommend that you use at least 720p to make your video enjoyable to watch. If you are planning on doing a lot of talking then you might also want to invest in a microphone and get a crisp recording

Furthermore all the resources you will need are available for little cost or nothing at all. To host your videos it is best you use YouTube or Vimeo. Both of these will provide reliable video uploading in HD. I like Vimeo for embedding videos into websites as it looks more professional than YouTube. However YouTube is going to be better for boosting your views seen as it is the most popular video uploading service in the world.

As well as this, all of the video editing software you will need is available as well online. For basic video editing then VideoPad is a great option as it is easy to use and has some great features. On the other hand if you are starting to take video blogging a bit more serious than you may want to invest in more professional video editing software.

Getting Traffic

With video blogging it is a lot easier to get views than with a normal blog. If you use YouTube then it is going to act like an extra search engine that you appear on. Giving you a huge amount of potential traffic. Optimizing your videos to appear in search results is also a lot easier than having to SEO your blog. You do not even have to spend time linking or stressing about your Page rank.

Another advantage that a video blog has is that it can easily go viral. Unlike with standard blogs, many people will share videos via Twitter and Facebook. This can seriously increase your traffic and you will not have to worry about any bandwidth limits.

monetization Making money

In recent years many people have actually been making fair amounts of money from advertisements on their YouTube videos. You need a lot of views to become a partner of YouTube though and your content must be of high quality. What you cannot do is sell direct advertisements or have multiple advertisements splattered all around your blog.

Overall, you are going to need a lot more views to make a decent amount of money on websites like YouTube, However that can often be more easily achieved than with an actual blog.

Your skills 

To be able to think of, direct and produce great content then you are going to need to have some sort of video making skills and this is going to be very hard for a rookie. Editing your videos is going to take some time and is going to be a nightmare if you have never used any sort of video editing program before. For these reason you may want to invest in some sort of eBook or course which will teach you how.

It’s all about you

If you are going to get views on your video blog then people are going to have to like you. If people like you then they are going to want to watch more of you, especially if you are funny and knowledgeable. The aim of your video blog is to keep people entertained so that they want to watch more and more.

Final notes

There are many differences and similarities between blogging and video blogging and the choice depends on you. There are advantages and disadvantages of video blogging so really it is up to you to make a decision. Even though you may have to invest money into video blogging for your camera etc, remember that you would only spend that on website hosting anyway.


I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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