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3 Great Reasons to hire professionals for a fundraising event


3 Great Reasons to hire professionals for a fundraising event

Are you organising a fundraising event? Then read on to find out why you should hire professionals to help your event go smoothly and be a memorable event for all the right reasons.

1.Take the weight off your shoulders

Most of all, hiring professionals for your fundraising event will help take the weight off your shoulders. Yes, you, the one who’s organising almost everything and let’s face it, much as you’d like to be, you can’t be everywhere at once.

Here’s just one example, imagine you don’t have a professional photographer to hand. You’re trying to take photos yourself, but you’re running around trying to do lots of other jobs too, so it’s the first thing to go to the wall. You want photographs to support the post-event publicity for the charity, but all you have are a few ‘selfies’ taken when people were well, a little worse for wear. Having a professional photographer would lessen your burden and help you to make the most of your event.  The same could be said of other staff too, from waiters to bar staff, security to ‘meet and greet’ staff. Hiring professionals will mean you can concentrate on the most important aspect of the event – fundraising for a good cause. Hiring the professionals will save you time and stress.

2.Draw on their expertise

Hire professionals for your fundraising event, and you’ll be able to draw on their experience. Professional staff are likely to have industry expertise from which your event would benefit, from logistics knowledge to problem-solving and familiarity with protocol. Hire professionals, and you’ll benefit from this added value – which could help your event in many unanticipated ways, from dealing with unforeseen circumstances to drawing on their industry contacts to help you. If you’re new to fundraising and need some advice, there’s lots of advice out there to help you, including hints and tips for making your event a success.

3.Help your event be a success

More than anything, hiring professionals will help make your fundraising event a success – which is what it is all about. Rely on volunteers and however well meaning, the result may well be patchy. Professionals will conduct themselves in a professional manner, from presentation to punctuality, from customer service to attention to detail. Their professional experience and skills will help your event go smoothly and contribute in no small degree to its success.

Ultimately, though employing staff will mean an investment, a more successful event, where people are relaxed and enjoying themselves will help you raise more funds for your good cause, demonstrating a good return on investment. Kru Live in Glasgow is an example of a professional event staffing company that would help make your fundraising event a success. All of their staff are thoroughly vetted and trained. They’ll be able to guide you in terms of the numbers and type of staff your event would benefit from and be able to deal with tight deadlines and changing circumstances.

So there you have it, three reasons why you should hire professional staff for your event, to save you time and stress, to give you the benefit of their experience and to help make your event a success. Why would you consider doing anything else?

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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