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3 steps towards a faster internet connection


3 steps towards a faster internet connection

Many of us are using broadband these days, However most of us are probably not getting the fast speed that is being advertised. Instead we are left with a slow and unpleasing internet connection which can make it less than enjoyable to browse content heavy websites and blogs. In this post I am going to go through three simple steps that can help you make the most from your internet connection.

Use a wired connection 

many people will be using a wireless connection because of the benefit of being able to use it anywhere in your house. However compared to a wired connection a wireless connection is slower and less reliable. If you are using a computer instead of a laptop it is going to be of a benefit to you to use a wired connection especially if your computer is in a corner where wireless signals find it hard to get to.

Use an open DNS

A DNS service is used every time you connect to a website on the internet. By default you will be using your internet providers DNS service. However the problem is this may not be the fastest DNS server that is available to you. For this reason you can use an open DNS server which is available to anyone and can often be faster than your internet providers. We recommend using openDNS or Google public DNS.

Do not forget about security

For people who are using a wireless internet connection security can become a problem. Many of us are too lazy to spend time setting up a strong password which is going to prevent the people next door using our network. Well if there are more people using your internet bandwidth then your connection speed is going to suffer. This is why you need to spend time creating a strong password which   is going to be impossible to guess because the less devices on your network then the better speed you are going to get.

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