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4 Hot Location Hacks For UK Retail Startups


4 Hot Location Hacks For UK Retail Startups

Finding the ideal location for a UK startup shop or restaurant presents a puzzle.

Competition for prime retail real estate is fierce and you might lack the wherewithal to go head to head with Harrods in their Knightsbridge heartland.

So you’ll need to find a niche neighbourhood where you stand out from the crowd without isolating yourself from footfall.

Here are four location hacks from hotspots across the UK where your startup will fit in fabulously.


Leith is located in the north of Edinburgh and has a proud history as a traditional port town.

But thanks to investment it’s now become a hub for independent creative enterprise and hosts some of the trendiest bars and restaurants in Scotland’s capital.

And it’s become an unlikely tourist trap thanks to the pulling power of the Royal Yacht Britannia which is permanently moored at Ocean Terminal — also home to a large shopping centre that capitalises on sightseeing crowds.

So if you’re seeking a startup location for a business with a creative edge you’d do worse than considering this superb spot.


Hackney was once one of London’s least desirable locations for commercial property investment.

But its thriving community spirit and a dash of gentrification mean that it can boast a higher house price growth than Kensington.

And this attracts diverse retail businesses offering everything from designer fashion to rare books and handmade globes — there’s lots of potential for opening a shop that adds to the diverse retail mix.

So grab a prime commercial location in this emerging economy and set yourself up for success — but move fast before it’s snapped up by eager competitors.


Dundee rises up from the banks of the River Tay in Scotland and thanks to a £1 billion waterfront development centred on the new V&A Museum of Design.

Slessor Gardens is an urban parkland included in the project and it attracts high-profile pop concerts and community events.

A range of hipster shops can be found in areas like Exchange Street, and the town centre is home to the neoclassical splendour of the Caird Hall.

Investing in a startup business in Dundee is a wise move for those looking for long-term success.


Birmingham is Britain’s second biggest city and is home to a vibrant multicultural community.

It’s world-famous for manufacturing chocolate and the Bullring shopping centre is one of the UK’s largest.

But areas like King’s Heath and Dalton Street are also home to trendy bespoke clothes boutiques and independent record shops.

So if you’ve got a cool startup selling anything from Caribbean food to retro fashion, there’s probably an area of Birmingham where your business can become a real honey trap.

When you’re looking for shops to rent in the UK an online registry like Shop Property can make your search smooth sailing.

These four hot location hacks for UK retail startups should provide the perfect solution to the puzzling UK property market.

Where’s your favourite UK shopping spot? Share your stories in the comments section.

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