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4 Tips to Consider When Marketing Your New Business Using Printed Postcards


4 Tips to Consider When Marketing Your New Business Using Printed Postcards

Many online businesses these days rely on digital marketing to propel their business to the top. However, so many businesses forget about traditional marketing that they inevitably lose out on a lot of customers. One traditional method that many businesses forget about is taking advantage of printed postcards, which can be sent out to potential customers. If you’re looking to adopt a digital and traditional marketing strategy to help your new business grow, postcards offer a fantastic way to market your new business. Not only is postcard marketing a tried and tested traditional method that produces results, but it’s a cost-effective marketing solution that’s recommended for new businesses. Here are a few points to consider when marketing your new business by using printed postcards.

Use Both Sides of the Postcard

There are many websites online that offer postcard printing services and as they offer a cheap marketing solution, you should always use both sides of the postcard to reveal your offer. You can use the front of the card for your logo and a few words and then the back to give the reader more details on the products and services you offer. There’s no reason why you should leave one side of the postcard blank as it only looks like you haven’t made much effort.

Only Use High-Quality Postcards

Printing services will offer you the choice of several options when it comes to printing whether it be the thickness of the card, the quality of printing, or whether you want a glossy style. Whatever the cost of the highest quality printing available, consider taking advantage of it and you’ll find you’ll get better results.

Quick-Action Offers Work Best

If you’re offering discounts to customers that read your postcards, only offer that discount for a brief time so they need to call you within a few days to take advantage of it. Quick-action offers get customers interested quickly but if they’re too late to use the discount, they’ll usually show interest later.

Milk the Marketing Strategy with Oversized Postcards

If the printing company offers oversized postcards you could take advantage of this depending on the services you offer. If the service you offer is a physical one such as landscape design, this provides a great way to include some detailed photos on your postcards. You could also provide a lot more information on the services you offer and you can even include a map of where your business is located should the need arise. Even if you don’t have much information to include on your postcards, you could still use oversized versions so you can use bigger text with bolder fonts that instantly get customers interested in what you’ve got to offer.

Digital marketing is growing and there’ll be many more ways to market your business in the future, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t still use traditional marketing methods such as printed postcards to get your business off the ground.

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