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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Anticipate in 2019


5 Digital Marketing Trends to Anticipate in 2019

New trends are constantly emerging in digital marketing. Brands keep embracing marketing tools like customer data platform to aggregate data from different sources. Users now have the opportunity to subscribe to third-party services using their social media accounts. This option offers a seamless integration that promotes data sharing. This is the best time to start making plans for the coming year. Here are the top digital marketing trends that business owners and marketers must take seriously in 2019.

1.   User-generatedcontent

You can encourage customers to generate content by sharing their experiences with your brand and product or service on social media. Consider using a unique hashtag to keep things organized and simplify the process. Potential customers will trust your brand and can even be converted to loyal customers with this approach.

2.   AI integration

Several businesses are using AI-powered chatbots to keep their businesses running by providing answers to their customers’ questions. They are set to become mainstream in different departments apart from the customer support department. Customers will be able to order for products and subscribe to services without relying on an app. AI gives room for personalization and can a long way in customer retention. This offers a means to collect and analyze customers’ information which is faster and accurate than the traditional method.

3.   Improved personalization

Today’s business owners have unrestricted access to customer data unlike decades ago. Your marketing campaigns should be able to address the needs of your target customers. Relying on demographic information alone isn’t enough in this era. Take a look at the physiological factors that can influence their decisions to buy a product. Endeavor to offer the exact things that customers are looking for in their micro-moments. This is because they often make quick decisions when they are online.

4.   Voice search

More people are using the voice search feature to search for information lately. Smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, andApple Siri now come with improved voice recognition technology. Business owners are expected to develop audio content and ads for these voice devices. It’s advisable to design an SEO strategy that includes voice search as the platform isn’t competitive yet.

5.   Higher demand for video content

Online visitors tend to spend extra time watching videos on YouTube, websites and social media these days. The percentage of people using their mobile devices is greater than desktops. Online videos can motivate quality leads to make a purchase. It has been predicted that many business owners will invest in a viable video marketing strategy and hire experts. The Live Video feature on Instagram or Facebook is no longer a new thing. Brands of all sizes are already leveraging it because the videos are cheap and easy to create.

Some of the trends mentioned in this post have been around for a while and have been undergoing improvement over the years. It’s imperative to design your online marketing strategy around them to give your brand a competitive edge.

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