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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Office Space


5 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Office Space

Looking for a new office space can be an exciting endeavor, but also a bit nerve-wracking. Deciding where to put your startup involves several factors that fit your budget and your ideal location. The perfect new office space does exist, but finding it is the trick.

What do you need to look for when choosing offices for startups?

  1. Location, location, location

Any real estate deal, even renting office space, is all about location. Consider your location needs. Does the location have ample parking? Is it located in a space that is near your employees’ homes so they do not need a lengthy commute each day? Who are the neighbors? Are there restaurants and other businesses that you might frequent nearby? Is public transportation nearby? Can employees ride their bikes to work and store them somewhere without worry of them being stolen? Can employees come and go at any hour of the day and night and be safe?

  1. Quality landlords

The landlords are just as important as the space they are renting. You want landlords who are accessible so you can reach them if there are problems. If you cannot reach the landlords while you are looking into renting the space, then what will happen after you move in? Communication is always key in rental opportunities. Before you decide, look into how well the landlords care for the property – not just the interior, but the exterior, landscaping, and parking lots, too.

  1. Flexibility

In today’s office spaces, flexibility is important for startups. Can you use rooms for more than one purpose? Are there areas where employees can meet in large groups? And, in small groups? Are there other spaces that you can use in the building or are you tied to a set amount of square footage? Having some room to grow is helpful for startups.

  1. Infrastructure

No, you’re not worrying about the bridges and roads around your potential office space. You’re looking at the quality of the Internet, both wired and Wi-Fi. You also want to look at the quality of the postal and package delivery service and the proximity of the post office, because you will still need to send some items through traditional delivery services. It is also a good idea to look at the phone lines, as well as any other necessities for doing business.

Infrastructure also includes the accessibility for people with disabilities. Does the building have elevators and ramps? Or will you someday have to pay for those things to be properly installed? You should also look into the safety features of the building, especially if your employees keep unusual hours. Is there a security system for the entire building? Or can you install one in your office?

  1. Ambiance/Cool factor

Startup offices will certainly not have the same ambiance as a multi-million dollar firm with penthouse views. But, just because you are startup, doesn’t mean you have to have an ugly office without personality. The question to ask is: What will clients notice when they walk into your office space? If you can’t identify it, then the office probably doesn’t have the ambiance you need.


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