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5 Tips for Making a Great Product Video


5 Tips for Making a Great Product Video

Marketing efforts come in all shapes and sizes and there’s a lot of talk about blogs, social media, and apps. All of this is of great help when it comes to connecting with your customers, but nothing has such a powerful impact like showing them the actual product. With a great product video, the customer will be able to evaluate and understand the product, while it will also serve as a useful promotional tool. Slick and short videos easily become viral and go far beyond your target customer base. Take a little time and effort to make the video, and rest assured that it will pay off significantly.

Multiple takes

There’s one simple formula for making an effective video: “script – film –edit – repeat.” Although it may be the most time-consuming way to do it, but it gives you the creative freedom and the opportunity to work on the material every step of the way. Smartphones and simple editing software solutions make the process easier and more available while the creative team behind the video can still help you shape the video into a professional masterpiece.


There are no universal rules when it comes to style. It depends on the type of the product you’re selling and your target audience. However, if there’s one thing that could be said about all videos intended to be posted online, it would be – keep them as simple as you can. By making a single trait of the product the main feature of the video, you’re also opting for a preferred style. A simple video without too much flash, with a single-color background and an easy-to-read font is mostly likely to be watched and shared. Also, remember that it will be watched mostly on phones, so try to make it understandable even without the sound.


It’s important to note that this isn’t such a thing as a one-person job. Shooting a product video requires a lot of different skill sets and sensibilities and there’s nothing wrong with delegating tasks to those who are best qualified to complete them. If the video is complex and requires technical expertise, as well as artistic flare, it’s best to use professional promotional video production services and delegate the whole process to the experts. Delegating does not mean losing the control of the project; the idea behind the video, as well as its style choice, should be all yours.

The style

The biggest problem with promotional videos is that people skip them without giving them too much thought. That’s why you should always have in mind that you’re working with the audience that gets easily bored. The easiest way to create a dynamic and interesting video is to shoot from various different angles. That way you also get a 360-degree look of the product which is very important for the viewers who plan to buy it. Also, having close-ups on important features keeps the audience engaged and emphasizes the story you’re trying to tell more effectively.

Optimizing for search

The work on making a perfect product video doesn’t end with filming or editing. Getting the video to the audience is equally important and requires a lot of effort. Start by giving it a title that sums up its main idea, references your company, and is just clickbaity enough to get the attention you want. Don’t forget to include all the links to your social media accounts and to tease about the updates that you’re planning to introduce. In the end, write a clear and accurate product description that goes along the lines of the video because not everyone will watch it.

A great product video could be the advertising tool that will put your company on the map. You just need to adapt the video to be appealing to your target audience and you will reap the benefits of this latest marketing trend.

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