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7 Interesting Start-ups to Watch in 2017


7 Interesting Start-ups to Watch in 2017

Halfway through 2017 we’re still keeping an eye out for great start-ups that are trying their best to be the next big thing. Here are 7 of them that are really close to being the most successful of the year and are definitely worth keeping an eye on for the rest of 2017. From travel start-ups to drone and automation start-ups, there’s a wide range of successful ones this year.

  1. Eaze

In late 2016 Marijuana was legalized in several US states. This opened a lot of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to start businesses in a field that it wasn’t legally possible to before. Eaze is one of them and has grown very rapidly throughout the last year to the point of becoming known as the “uber for weed”. They do exactly that, delivery of medical marijuana in over 90 cities and is planning to expand even further. One of the key factors that helped Eaze grow so fast is the fact it was one of the first of its kind.

  1. Nomiku

If you’re a home cook or nutrition expert then you’ve definitely heard of Nomiku even if it’s only recently that the start-up rose in popularity. After raising money via a Kickstarter, the company created a sous vide device that makes use of Wi-Fi to control the cooking instruments in the kitchen allowing you to remotely and programmatically handle what you’re cooking.

  1. Houseparty

When it comes to communication and live video apps, there are some giants in the marker such as Skype and Facebook but there’s always room for innovation and Houseparty is doing just that with its group video chat app which has received a lot of attention lately from both teenagers and adults. What’s keeping it original is its simplicity and the fact up to 8 people can be in the same chat without any issues. These people can be having amazing trips apart from each other but still communicate easily via the app.

  1. Intercom

Great customer service leads to great customer retention and as more and more companies realise this, they try to reinforce this aspect of their company. Intercom assists them by providing a service that incorporates live messaging capabilities into any app or product so that it’s easier for customers to receive the support they require. For example a wine outlet will be able to assist customers through the same app it sells its wines from. Intercom made great progress with this in the past year and a great deal of investors noticed this contributed.

  1. DeepScale

With self-driving cars becoming a reality sooner each day, more and more start-ups are emerging that aim to improve or create new software for autonomous vehicles. DeepScale is one of them, which is responsible for perception software that may very well be used by the cars we’ll be driving in a few years. It’s definitely a start-up worth watching.

  1. Atlas Informatics

Have you ever had a bunch of files and data in one computer, more disorganized than a messy room, so much that you couldn’t find what you were looking for? With data storage space expanding more and more, handling our files and finding what we’re looking for gets more chaotic each year. Atlas Informatics promises to rid us of this problem by providing searching options similar to those of Google but for your personal information, only. This will make finding what you’re looking for in your drives, easier than ever.

  1. AirMap

Drones are also progressing and developing rapidly but what about the systems controlling them? Control one drone while looking at it is easy, but what the future promises is drones that automatically deliver packages and more. AirMap has developed software that aims to make drones not interfere with normal life and avoid any legal problems. These systems will allow any developer to better control their drones.

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