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7 Top Tips to Make Your Office a Relaxing Yet Highly Productive Setting


7 Top Tips to Make Your Office a Relaxing Yet Highly Productive Setting

If your business is located within in an office, it is your responsibility as the owner of the business to ensure you offer an inviting and relaxing setting for your employees to work in. It is, after all, going to be where they spend the most amount of time during the working week so to maintain morale and ensure you are getting the best out of them on a daily basis, you need to create a setting that is both relaxing and comfortable whilst at the same time being highly productive.

That is unfortunately not the easiest of things to do, however detailed below are seven tips to help make sure this is the case within your business premises;

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1- Choose Soothing Colours

The colours you choose for the walls will have a profound effect on the whole atmosphere within your office, so you need to make sure you choose wisely. It is advisable to go for soft and soothing colours in the main office as this will help to develop a relaxed environment and can look a lot more appealing than the clinical white used by many companies.

2- Pick Comfortable Furniture

As your employees are likely to be spending a large proportion of their day sat at a desk, it is essential that you invest in comfortable furniture for them. Not only will this enable them to maintain the desired level of work thanks to them being in comfort rather than having to constantly move around to find a comfortable position, but it will also help to keep morale high as people will be less likely to complain about the quality of the furniture they are working with.

3- Introduce Air Conditioning

A hot and stuffy office is just asking for trouble as your team will be more agitated due to the heat and be less inclined to work to the required level because they are simply too hot. The introduction of air conditioning can however have a hugely positive impact as the temperature inside the office can be easily controlled, meaning your team can comfortably work and productivity will remain high.

4- Bring Nature Inside

Looking out of the window at what is going on outside whilst you are sat at a desk can be depressing for an employee, so don’t be afraid to bring some of the nature from outside into your premises through the introduction of small trees and plants around the setting. These will instantly create a calmer, more tranquil environment as well as acting as the perfect link between outside and in.

5- Banish the Clutter

Excessive amounts of clutter scattered around the office can have a negative impact on your employees as, in addition to looking unsightly, clutter provides the perfect location for large amounts of dust to gather, which can in turn have an effect on the health of your workers. Ensure clutter is banished from your office by installing stylish cabinets around the setting in addition to a number of bins and recycling units to make it easy for employees to dispose of everything they no longer need.

6- Arrange Team Building Sessions

Whilst not a physical change you can make, arranging team building sessions can however have a huge impact on morale and productivity of your staff. Encouraging them to work closely with those in the company they may not have had much contact with before, a team building exercise can be the perfect way to start the week or alternatively a great way to end the working week on a high.

7- Consider the Layout

They layout you designate for your office is essential to how relaxed and productive your employees are. You need to think carefully about the logistics when it comes to the different departments within your company and where they are positioned as, for instance, it may not be a good idea to position your sales team, who will undoubtedly be loud as they attempt to encourage others to make an investment in the available services, next to a team that needs quiet to be able to concentrate and perform effectively. Assess the different departments within your company and arrange your office layout around the needs of each to perform to optimum levels.

By taking into consideration the seven tips outlined above, you should be well on the ensuring your office is a relaxing environment yet ensures the level of productivity required of your staff never drops.


This post was written by Oliver Kyle who, when setting his business up within a new office, found that these seven points, including the installation of air conditioning from New Air , helped him create a working environment that was both relaxing and productive on a day to day basis.

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