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7 Ways to Convert Page Viewers into Paying Customers


7 Ways to Convert Page Viewers into Paying Customers

Increasing your website traffic is great and so is growing your email list, but if you’re not converting those visitors and subscribers into paying customers, then your website is not really helping you run a successful business.

In order to see the best results, you are going to need to turn at least a portion of those visitors into paying customers. However, often that’s easier said than done.

If you’re struggling with converting visitors into customers, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll share 7 effective ways that will help you convert page viewers into paying customers.

7 Easy Ways to Convert Page Viewers Into Paying Customers

  1. Implement a Live Chat option

Live Chat is an excellent way of turning casual website visitors into paying customers, as it lets you intervene before an undecided customer abandons their purchase. By initiating a chat with them, you not only get their attention but you can also answer all of their questions, address their concerns, and even suggests products that are best suited for their needs. You can even guide them through the buying and checkout process which is sure to leave a positive impression and increases the chances of them coming back to your website for another purchase.

  1. Show testimonials

If you have testimonials from previous clients and customers, don’t be afraid to show them prominently on your website. Once a reluctant buyer sees people raving about your product or a service, they will be reassured their money will be well spent and it makes them more inclined to make that purchase decision.

  1. Offer a discount

Some people may be a little reluctant to buy because the price may seem too high. You can work around this by presenting them with a carefully timed exit-intent popup that offers exclusive discount once they sign up for their email list. You can put a slight twist and offer a coupon that they can bring into your physical store to buy a certain item. This method is also effective because they might not be ready to purchase just yet but once you have their email, you can easily remind them of the items they left in their shopping cart and offer an incentive to make them return and complete the purchase.

  1. Create a product demo video

Selling online is convenient, but it’s also more difficult in the sense your visitors cannot see, touch or feel the item in question. Avoid this by creating a short video that demonstrates the product in use or even give insight into how it’s made. Once someone who lands on your website sees the product, they will have a crystal clear image in their mind and know what to expect. Make sure you record the video of high quality, with plenty of light and to demonstrate all the benefits of the product.

  1. Use the scarcity marketing technique

Most of us are afraid of missing out on a really great offer. If you’re running low in stock on a particular item or if you’re offering a particular service for a limited amount of time, be sure to make that very clear on your website. Show your visitors that if they don’t take action right now, they might miss the chance to finish the purchase completely. This strategy is certainly not new, but it’s not used all that often, so you might consider implementing it on your website. However, bear in mind that this method is only effective if it’s actually true. By advertising a limited time offer for an indefinite period of time, you risk losing your customer’s trust which leads to negative impact on your business.

  1. Add an FAQ section

If you’ve been in business for a while, you have surely gotten a number of questions about your products and services. Why not compile them into an FAQ to address future customers concerns and answer all of their questions before they make a purchase? This is similar to implementing the Live Chat option mentioned above but it’s a little easier to implement and doesn’t require you to constantly monitor the Live Chat for notifications.

  1. Use case studies

Using case studies can be quite effective in turning visitors into paying customers as you’re showing them how your product or a service helped someone else solve their problem or achieve their goals. They also break down the exact process used which helps visitors see exactly how your product is used and what it can do.

Final Thoughts

Converting page viewers into paying customers is not hard once you have the correct strategies in place. Use the tips above to your advantage and let us know in the comments what is your favorite way of converting visitors into customers!

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