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Bad IT Practices For Businesses


Bad IT Practices For Businesses

Most of us haven’t got a clue how to fix all of the technology that we use on a daily basis. That’s why there are IT companies that offer tech support to businesses. For smaller companies, an expense of that size just isn’t practical, so a lot of people try to take it on themselves. That’s when mistakes start to happen and they can be incredibly costly. So many small businesses make silly mistakes when dealing with their technology and it can damage their business beyond repair during a very crucial stage. If you find yourself unable to pay for a big IT firm, then make sure you avoid these common issues.

Using The Manufacturer

Any piece of software or hardware will come with a guarantee of some kind. If you have any problems you can call up the manufacturer and they will help you with fixing it. The problem is that they are not usually that good. A professional IT technician will know a lot more. Most of the time they will simply the reinstall software. Their only job is to get things working again, they aren’t concerned about your company files, which may be lost during the reinstall. If you encounter a problem that occurs between two different pieces of equipment, made by different companies, you’ll have a hard time getting them to work together to come to a solution. The same can be said of the tech support at the store you bought the products from.

Part Time Technicians

If you are going to hire somebody, make sure you choose somebody that does this full time. Picking somebody that does repairs on the side as a bit of a favor is never a good idea. They might know what they’re doing, but you always run the risk of getting an amateur who might cause more problems than they fix. There are plenty of full-time technicians out there who can offer a professional service.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

That’s usually good advice, but when it comes to your IT systems, you need to be on top of things all the time. Lots of people make the mistake of waiting until there is a major issue before calling in help. If you do this you are likely to run into issues more often. What you need to do instead is put a maintenance program in place. Visit to get software that can keep on top of any issues that you might have with your IT systems.


A lot of people decide that they don’t need to get a professional in because one of the guys in the office is into computers. There’s a difference between somebody that likes to tinker around with their own computer at home, and a professional. If they are an employee, they might be worried about admitting they are out of their depth and end up causing more problems. You’ll also be asking them to do extra work for the same money.

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