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Benefits of Hiring a Proofreader Who Understands Your Field of Work


Benefits of Hiring a Proofreader Who Understands Your Field of Work

Editing is more than just fixing spelling and grammar

A successfully edited or proofread manuscript involves more than just an editor who knows how to correct grammar, spelling and language errors. In fact, one of the most important aspects of editing is actually finding an editor with expertise in your area of research. Indeed, this is essentially critical to your success as a published writer. Poor language, grammar and spelling errors are some of the top reasons why journals reject articles. Ultimately, if your article is corrected for these types of errors it allows the reviewers to focus on the quality of your research instead of your language, grammar and spelling skills and, thus, will increase your chances of getting your work published.

For academic articles, part of understanding how to correct language and grammar errors also involves understanding the field.  For example, there are certain cases where the conventional rules of the English language have to be ignored in order to accurately present your work.  This is often clearly exemplified in fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, psychology and medicine. Academic writing has a special set of rules and within each field there are further nuances and conventions that must be followed. That is why the best editor is one with experience and skills in editing your field of research from your specific subject area.  This type of editor is often found through academic proofreading services.

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Key reasons way an editor should have expertise in your field of work

Proofreading and editing are part of the final steps that must be taken before submitting a paper that is otherwise ready to be published. Through these editing processes superficial errors will be corrected and the editor will take a deeper look at the content of your paper in order to make it much easier to understand, more clearly organized and better suited for the audience.

  • As an editor takes a deeper look at how your information and ideas are presented, if he or she has expertise in your field of work, this editor will be able to focus on making changes that contribute to the overall readership of the article and how it should be presented to your peers.
  • An editor who knows your field can ensure that your manuscript benefits from the changes made because he or she will be able to make insightful suggestions and corrections.
  • A specialized editor understands the terminology and the challenges that are unique to your area of research.
  • An editor who understands your field will be able to provide more useful feedback than one who does not have knowledge of your field.
  • Editors with subject matter expertise have the ability to understand and critique your work on a deeper level.

Avoid Rejection

It is very true to state that if your manuscript is not perfect there is a high possibility it will be rejected from publication. A perfect final paper begins with an editor who knows your field.  In addition, it would be highly embarrassing to have a perfectly corrected article that contains errors that are conventions in your field. This leaves room for negative criticism from your peers. Each field of work is conceptually complex, with an intricate but concrete practice. The subtleties of each field demand a different approach when it comes to editing. A specialist in your field understands these difficulties and is able to work with them comfortably in order to help you with your writing.

The more knowledgeable your editor is about your subject, the more he or she can contribute to bringing your work to a publishable form. A specialized editor is able to identify inadvertent ambiguities and correct potential misunderstandings. In addition, the editor can tailor the manuscript to the correct audience. Editors with expertise in your field are also familiar with the published literature. All of which, will lead to an edited manuscript that is more likely to be published. Therefore, you should never take a chance with your publication. Ultimately, it is very important that you seek out an academic proofreading service that provides a manuscript editor who has expertise in your field and this will ensure that your manuscript is completely error-free when it comes to both language and the conventions of your field of study.


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