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Building A Happy Team For Your Business


Building A Happy Team For Your Business

When you first take that step into business things can be incredibly daunting and from the moment you hire your first team member you are completely responsible for their happiness in the workplace as well as their career progression. Keeping your team happy is the key to the most successful business, because a close knit team works much better together and they will be much more motivated to do well.

Give them responsibility

Imagine that you have just opened up your house to a couple of roommates. You will want to make them feel at home and not just as if they are staying in a hotel. You will want to give them their own items and show them that what’s yours is also theirs. The same applies to the workplace. If you hire a team, you want to make the office feel as if it is everyone’s property. It is important to give your employees their own personal workspaces and let them make themselves at home. This will not only garner respect for the office, but it will also increase confidence in the office.

Trust your employees

Trust is the absolute foundation of a healthy working relationship, so you need to trust your workers to make their own decisions and rectify their mistakes too. If your employee wants to try out a new project or method of doing something, trust them to do it. It could be a great decision which helps productivity across the whole office, and if it isn’t then there is no harm done.

Keep everyone in the loop

If you want to stay working as a close team and keep everyone happy, you need to be completely transparent with your workers. If you don’t include your team in your decisions and plans, you will soon create a divide in the workplace and your team will begin to resent you for not including them. Take some time each week to sit down with your team and discuss your plans and your problems, because a group of heads is always better than one. Together you can come up with strategies to keep the business running and expanding.

Act like a leader, not a dictator

The most important thing to remember is that you are the boss of your team, and therefore you have the responsibility to make sure they are happy and that they have a positive career path to progress in. Make sure you always act as a leader and role model to your team and not as a dictator. You cannot go through life telling people what to do and expect their respect. You have to earn respect by encouraging their success and investing in their future.

Bring out the perks

It is always important in a healthy company to offer your team some perks to keep them satisfied and on your side at all times. You don’t have to go too over the top, but a few small things can make a big difference to the ways they see you as a boss. For example it could be that once a year you look into corporate hospitality packages for a trip away team building. Or maybe you offer a healthy discount off your products and free dental services. Anything you can do to make your employees more comfortable is worth it in the long term.

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