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Business printing budgets and efficiency


Business printing budgets and efficiency

With the UK’s economic recovery still slow, most firms will be looking into ways they can reduce their spending, become more efficient and improve their bottom lines.

IT departments often come under the microscope when businesses are seeking a way to make savings and this is the case for both private sector companies and public sector bodies.

Organisations often see IT as one of the major areas where they can reduce the amount they are spending and with technology moving forward all the time, making a smart investment can prove to pay off handsomely in the long run.

Firms looking to do their bit for the environment are likely to be looking at their printing as one of the key areas where they can make a difference with the right measures.

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Choosing the right type of printer

Printers are a massively important tool for all companies, from the smallest firms to the largest corporations, so it is vital the choice of which model to go for is the right one.

Big offices can have dozens of different types of printers and this can make it difficult to control how much is being spent on printing, especially when members of staff are likely to use the devices for their own personal printing during office hours.

With so many different printers on the market it can be very difficult for a firm to pinpoint what the right one is to suit their own specific needs, especially when this decision can prove to be extremely costly in the long run if the wrong one is purchased.

Multifunction printers are a growing trend and with them boasting so many different features it is no wonder a lot of businesses are deciding these are the right models for them.

Benefits of multifunction printers

Larger companies are likely to need printers, scanners and copiers and this can prove to be a drain on the IT budget as the number of devices that are required starts to mount up.

Colour multifunction printers that are able to handle a wide array of tasks are therefore becoming increasingly vital, as firms will often be able to replace their current scanners, copiers and printers with just the one device that can do the same job.

As well as the initial layout on the hardware there will be additional cost savings further down the line, such as with maintenance, as there are fewer devices that have to be repaired, while the price of toners and cartridges is also likely to be reduced by investing in multifunction printers.

There is also the energy efficiency factor to think about, as it is much cheaper for a firm to run one multifunction printer than a copier, a scanner, a printer and a fax machine separately.

Getting the most out of equipment

One of the further benefits of a multifunction device is the fact it takes up much less room in an office, so if a firm is short of space this can prove to be a clever investment rather than having a number of different machines.

It’s also a lot easier for a company to keep a close eye on how much its fleet is costing to run if they are all multifunction devices, meaning the bottom line of the business will benefit in time.

Firms considering an investment in colour multifunction printers from OKI can get in touch to find out what the best model for their own specific needs and budget requirements is going to be.


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