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Compelling reasons why video conferencing is perfect for a startup business


Compelling reasons why video conferencing is perfect for a startup business

Have you ever wondered how popular is video conferencing for a country? As per Computer Business Review Online, around 58% of users take resort to video calls once in a week. In countries like Singapore, more than 2/3rds of the respondents were vocal regarding their use of video conferencing for once in a week. In the year 2016, a survey company in the US announced that 10 startup firms qualified for the bootcamp through a selection process that lasted for 6 weeks and that had 300 applications. Keeping in mind the ripe environment for entrepreneurship and startups, it is safe to say that the nation offers a very supportive aura for the startup business companies.

Video conferencing seems to be perfect for startup companies

Remembering the fact that environment is a vital factor for the success of a startup firm, there are some other factors too which play a role. One among them is Technology. A popular startup staple is the video conferencing system. In case you’re thinking of joining in the fun, here are few reasons to invest in video conferencing tools like GoToMeeting Screenshare and few others. Check them out.

  • Increased interest

Several companies and several governments claim that they are willing to put in money into different forms of technology and this is simply great news. As more and more people use the system, there are more enhancements which are introduced unless you end up with an enhanced system at a pretty low cost. The lower is the cost, the lesser funds you’ll need to spend. Being a startup, as you need to worry about where your next funding will arrive from, maintaining a low-cost yet effective system can help your business in a good way.

  • Improved span of attention

Unlike email or chat or audio calls, video allows you to talk to the intended person face-to-face and hence you get to know whether or not the person is actually listening to you. Depending on the topic of discussion, you might be eager to demand a certain level of attention and this can be controlled through video conference.

  • Prompt decisions can be made

With video conference, you don’t require waiting for back-and-forth mail exchanges and hence finalizing decisions will be faster and easier. Once you start finishing projects on time, your business will move way ahead of the actual schedule and this is when you can improve efficiency.

  • Trainings become easier and effortless

Previously, it would be difficult to schedule trainings as you had to set a time and call on all your intended employees to be there on time. With the invent of video conferencing, arranging a training session is easier than ever before. You don’t require traveling to the site and so you can use the saved hours in conducting a training session through video.

Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur with a startup firm, you should immediately leverage a video conferencing platform like GoToMeeting which can provide you a viable communication solution.


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