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Consumers Can’t Resist These Marketing Ploys


Consumers Can’t Resist These Marketing Ploys

If you want to attract new customers to your company, you need to understand the details that will make a product or service irresistible to them. This all about how you market it to them and whether you can gain the interest of the target consumer. Or, the group of individuals who are most likely to buy. Here are some of the ways  you can guarantee your marketing campaign is a complete success.

Buy One, Get One Free

If you want to catch the interest of customers and you have very little brand authority, you might want to try marketing ploys such as a deal or offer. By doing this, you can make customers feel like they are getting something for nothing when of course, they hardly ever are. For instance, if something is on sale as buy one get one free, usually the price of the original product is high enough that sellers still make a profit. Or, they have received the product at a discounted price from the supplier. Either way, a deal like this is never a disadvantage to the business owner.

The same is true for other marketing events such as ten percent off, or low price for limited time. These tactics are often used to sell products that the vendor wants to get off the shop floor to make room for new items. It’s a fantastic way to get a little more foot traffic, particularly if you advertise the right way.

Exclusive To This Store

You might want to think about focusing marketing on the exclusivity of your product. For instance, you could be selling an item that you can’t get anywhere else. If that’s the case, it makes sense to market on this idea. It is a literal unique selling point that you must take advantage of.

This is one of the biggest benefits for pop up shop owners. They can alert customers that the product will only be available for a limited time. If you want pop up store advice, that would certainly be at the top of the list. Customers know that the store might not be there tomorrow. This triggers a buying instinct in consumers to seize the opportunity of purchasing a unique product other people won’t be able to get.

A specific example of this would be the Steelbooks supplied by the Shop Zavvi. Taking advantage of collectors need for unique merchandise, the steelbook collection has arguably kept Zavvi open and able to compete with Amazon since they cannot be purchased anywhere else.

The Future Today

If you can present your product or service as something so innovative it’s futuristic, you will have customers eating out the palm of your hands. An example of this type of sale pitch can be seen with Sphero. While the tech in Sphero isn’t as innovative as it seems it looks new enough to excite an audience. This has allowed the company to capitalise on the toy market and even form partnerships with larger businesses like Disney.

Using this advice you should be able to ensure new customers are unable to resist the marketing of your company.

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