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Does fruit in the workplace really boost business?


Does fruit in the workplace really boost business?

There has been a lot of talk recently about whether fruit in the workplace can boost the morale of the work force and perhaps even lead to higher productivity and concentration levels thus in turn benefit the business. Research undertaken by Fruitful Office found that it does indeed increase productivity and concentration by over 10% which is great for not only the staff but also the company itself as that will surely mean a better work load.

Fruit for the whole office is great for showing that you as a business care about your staff’s health whilst also caring about the business itself. Fruitful Office actually found that 80% of their clients found that quality of life improved dramatically in the workplace as soon as fruit was introduced for the workforce – morale, productivity and concentration were all boosted.

Not only did the provision of fruit mean that the business benefited from the increased levels of productivity and concentration but it also vastly improved their health too. The survey showed that 70% of staff had started to eat more fruit than they would normally have done due to the recent addition of the fruit provision whereas 45% of the staff found that by eating the fruit, they weren’t snacking as much on the less healthy snacks – something which can be all too easy in an office environment especially if you work in the middle of a busy city or town where the temptations are absolutely everywhere.

Its little wonder that many more businesses are starting to provide fruit for their staff. A small simple outlay for some fruit for their staff can yield such great results, it is definitely a great investment to make into a business – with boosted morale and productivity and healthier staff, everyone is happy from the staff to the bosses to the investors – everyone seems to be a winner – and whilst being healthier too. The benefits far outweigh the costs – in fact the provision of fresh fruit is perhaps one of the most cost effective solutions to increasing morale and productivity in the workplace that there is.

One such company who provides fresh fruit for their work force is HomeAway UK and they’ve been listed on a round up of the best tech companies to work for due to employee benefits – it seems the staff really do enjoy the provision of fresh fruit that their company supplies! Staff happiness is key for great work and they seem to have it covered.

With 87% of those surveyed saying that they would rather be employed by a company that supports their health and wellbeing, it is clear to see why simply providing some fresh fruit in the workplace really does help – in both the staff and the business itselfs case. It increases the likelihood that staff will stay at the company as they know they are cared for and it increases motivation to complete a workload – a win/win situation right there for all involved.

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