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Don’t Make These Errors Delivering Items To Clients


Don’t Make These Errors Delivering Items To Clients

As part of your business, you might need to deliver the products you create to clients. After all, it can be part of ensuring clients receive amazing service from your company. But it’s so easy for things to go wrong when it comes to delivering the final products to your clients. In fact, it can cause your company to end up losing out on money. And then you could end up with your business ending. Therefore, don’t make these errors when delivering items to clients.

Not getting insurance

It’s so important that you don’t leave your business premises with the items to take to a client without obtaining some insurance. After all, you might end up taking a sharp corner, or braking suddenly, and you will find the items end up smashed. Then without insurance, the company will have to pay out to replace the items for the customer if they are still interested in the order. And using a ton more materials and time can be costly for your business. Therefore, you need to make sure you get insurance for the items before you hit the road. That way, if something did happen, you can make a claim to ensure your business doesn’t go under. If you are using a company to deliver the items, make sure they provide insurance. That way, if something does go wrong, they will have to payout.

Not hiring a company to deliver

It can be much easier for a company to get items to a customer via their own staff. After all, it saves you having to pay out for a delivery service. And with your own staff, you can ensure they are great with the customers. As we said before, you need them to be the face and voice of your company. However, it can often be a big error. For one thing, they might have a lack of experience of loading vans which could lead them to make mistakes. And if they have an accident, they could end up off work for ages. Therefore, for the sake of your company, hire a courier to deliver the items instead. There are some companies out there like shiply who can give you quotes from different transport providers. That way, you can find a company who will transport the items safely to the client!

Not double checking the address

You might be surprised how many times products end up being sent to the wrong address. A lot of businesses don’t double check before sending the item off. But the simple error could be very costly for your business. After all, you might struggle to get the product back. And even if you do, you will have to pay out again for the item to be delivered. It might mean you will end up making a loss. Therefore, make sure you double check the address before sending it off to the client. And if you are not sure it’s right, it’s time to ring the customer. They won’t mind you just quickly checking if the address is correct to stop you making a very costly mistake!

And remember to ensure you get vehicles which come with good shelving to keep the items safe during their journey. That way, it will be less likely accidents will happen!

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