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Dream offices — 5 must-buy items for the ultimate workspace


Dream offices — 5 must-buy items for the ultimate workspace

There are no shortcuts to recruiting and retaining staff — you’ll lay firm foundations with a positive culture, progressive leadership and attractive salaries and benefits.

But these core factors are complemented by a physical office environment that encourages creativity and is a pleasure to work in.

So cast aside your budget worries for a few minutes and plan your dream office with these 5 must-buy items.

  1. Beer taps

If you’re partial to a post-work Friday tipple with colleagues to unwind at the start of the weekend, why not relax at work with your very own draught beer?

Office beer gurus KegHop can provide you with a bespoke craft beer system complete with taps and kegs of the finest brews from suppliers like Verdant Brewing Co, Gun Brewery Sussex and Fourpure Brewing co.

Once your office bar is installed, their staff will keep you topped up with kegs and perform fortnightly line cleans — so you’ll never have to endure a bad pint.

  1. Sauna

Our Scandinavian cousins know a thing or two about healthy living and relaxation — so they’re fond of sweating out their stress in saunas and steam rooms.

And an expert sauna firm like Helo can install a custom-made setup right inside your office so that staff can hop in when the mood takes them. The firm also provides showers, so you won’t have to worry about anyone smelling stale afterwards.

These units aren’t cheap, but they might be popular with hardworking staff who appreciate a little luxury.

  1. Mats

First impressions last — and nothing makes office employees and visitors feel instantly at ease like a funky welcome mat.

Customised mat supplier The Mat Factory has thousands to choose from and they can be perfectly personalised with a quirky quote that encapsulates your company mission or values.

Apart from looking great, they’ll prevent outdoor dirt being dragged onto your carpets and flooring.

  1. Games

Colleagues who play together stay together.

So investing in some recreational equipment can prove worthwhile when you want everyone to bond brilliantly.

Smaller offices can’t accommodate pool or ping-pong tables, but a retro games console from games room specialist Liberty Games is the next best thing — just think of the fun you’ll all have cheering each other on at Pac-Man or Shinobi.

  1. Art

If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle farm, you’re probably aware of how dull and draining beige colour schemes and corporate posters can be.

But you can banish boring interior design from your own office with artwork that announces your uncompromising attitude and actually inspires staff to perform at their peak.

Try this neon Notorious B.I.G. canvas from quirky interiors website Etsy for size — you’ll feel like pumping your fist with enthusiasm every time you walk past and staff can even pour out some liquor for Biggie as they sip their Friday beers.

So there are five must-buy items for the ultimate office — they’ll inject your corporate environment with some much-needed cool.

What’s nice about your office? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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