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From Amateur to Pro: How to Stand Out in Online Working Communities


From Amateur to Pro: How to Stand Out in Online Working Communities

The online work is getting competitive. You have to exert more effort in order to succeed and stand out. For amateurs who are just about to face the challenge, there are certain ways that they could follow on how to create an impressive profile. These strategies are proven effective in generating a professional and highly attractive profile online.

Effective Ways to Impress Clients Online

The first step is to purchase a domain name that carries your name, for example. If you cannot find any, try buying a different one that has your middle name or middle initial at least. By doing this, you could easily make yourself known. Once you have a website under your name, you can simply design it the way you want. You can add and organize details according to your preferences. If your website is striking, visitors would likely remember the web address and eventually your name.

The second step is to make your Facebook profile page private and look professional. Delete all those that are unnecessary especially those unethical pictures, comments, quotes and wall posts. Make sure you display information that is reliable. Remember that Facebook is one of the top sites that appear on the first page of the search engine results whenever someone looks for your name online.

The third step is to generate a LinkedIn profile. Make sure to use a vanity name for your page. A vanity URL can make your profile more searchable. LinkedIn will provide you with the instructions on how to set up and make use of this kind of URL.

Set Up a Blog

Other than building a website, one of the best ways to make a good impression on your potential clients is to set up a blog. Use WordPress as this is one of the best pages that host websites. By having a blog, you are able to demonstrate your excellent written communication abilities. You surely can capture as many clients as you want especially if your web content has a high quality. Don’t forget to incorporate your name in the subdomain, i.e.

Create an Account on Twitter and Other Social Networking Sites

Like Facebook, Twitter profiles also appear on top of search results whenever you search for a particular name. If you want to be recognized right away, creating a profile on Twitter, Myspace and other popular social networking sites will be necessary. Make sure your tweets or online statuses are professional; otherwise, clients will not be interested in contacting you.

Post Video Testimonials Online

Hearing a testimonial from a few of your previous clients will definitely make you look more trustworthy. Potential customers often look for testimonials as they are valuable proofs of your performance. By listening to the positive experience of your past and present clients, viewers will be inclined to try you out.

While you follow all those recommended techniques, make sure you incorporate your confidence, determination and passion. These traits are extremely crucial ingredients in obtaining victory in the online world.

Daphne is a broadband expert and knows what she is talking about when it comes to online business. Make sure you check out her website.

Daphne enjoys writing on all things technical. When she is not working diligently online, she reads up on the latest cable, satellite TV and 4G info at Broadband Expert. Her daily routine consists of drinking coffee, keeping up on the latest news in technology, as well as blogging and guest posting.

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