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Getting Along With Google And Why It Matters To Your Business


Getting Along With Google And Why It Matters To Your Business

Creating strong business relationships is always important. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and all that. But, as much as business has changed recently, so has the way we build relationships. Once upon a time, you met potential clients at business parties. Who you sat next to was a big deal, and you had that one dinner to make them believe in you. If you didn’t have their number by the end, you could kiss goodbye to ever getting a deal.

Now, though, there are many more options for making the right business connections. You don’t have to wait for prestigious invitations, or convenient seat placings to get going. All you need to do is head online, and reach out using social media and other such means. Even an email could seal the deal.

And, it’s no longer just people you need to keep happy. You also need to build good working relationships with the sites which host you. From Facebook to Twitter, all the way to the big boy. That’s right; we’re talking about Google. More than any other platform you use, Google can make your business, or break it. So, this is probably the most important relationship you’ll make throughout your working life. Worse, there’s no precedent for how to make it work. People are easy to please; we understand them, and we know that compliments and such go a long way. But, how can you please a corporation like Google? Telling them you like their logo choice may not be enough to seal the deal. Instead, you have to take active steps to becoming a brand they’re willing to endorse. Here’s how to go about it.

Follow the rules

Above all, you need to follow Google’s rules. If you fail even this basic task, there’s no way they’ll want to support what you’re doing. Keep an eye on tech news, and make sure to adhere to any changes that take place. As technology moves fast, so too do the rules. Google often bring in new legislation to overcome issues such as spam, or weak content.

Recently, we saw a fantastic example of this with the ‘Fred’ update. This was put in place as an attempt to stop heavy advertising and promote quality content. Updates like this are important for getting your business site high in Google’s rankings. And, despite all other efforts, that is what will most indicate your success. Other updates like these are sure to be relevant to you, so always keep on top. It’s the best way to keep Google happy and reap the rewards of that.

Bring an audience with you by using as many platforms as possible

As with many business relationships, you and Google should have a mutual thing going on. They provide you with the chance for recognition. In return, you need to prove that you’re what their audience is looking for. An excellent way to do this is by boosting your online presence outside of Google.

The chances are you already know about using social media and different platforms. It’s important to give them a thought here. The views you can gain from these will show Google that you’re worth taking a risk on. So, it makes sense that the more platforms you’re on, the better Google will be able to see what you’re made of. Opt for standard methods, such as Facebook and Twitter. Think, too, about using platforms like Instagram and YouTube. YouTube will be especially useful, as it’s a Google owned platform. Here, you’ll be able to make Google even happier.

Focus on the quality of your site

You also owe it to Google to make sure your site is as good as can be. That includes everything, from content, to speed and so forth. Content is most important, and without it, you’ll fail to get Google’s attention at all. You need to produce good quality content which satisfies direct search enquiries. In the past, the focus has been on keywords and advertising posts, but these don’t cut it anymore. As you can see from this article on bad SEO Techniques, you’re unlikely to score high in search engines if you use these methods. They’re outdated and obvious.

Nowadays, there’s a focus on quality. You should either set aside time during your workday to create thoughtful content or hire someone else to do it. You could even work with freelancers, who send you relevant posts to publish online. Whatever route you go down, make sure you’re producing quality stuff.

Think, too, about the speed of your website. If Google is good enough to put you at the top of their listings, ensure your site loads fast and efficiently. If it takes ages to load, people will move onto the next listing. If Google notices this happening, they’ll soon drop your rating. So, make sure to remove advertisements and anything else that slows your loading time.

Look at link relevance

There have been many disagreements in the marketing world about linking to external sites. We all want others to link to our page. This is like a seal of approval for Google and shows that we’re worth spending time on. But, if we’re linking to other sites, aren’t we doing ourselves out of business?

Not at all. In fact, Google will see you in a more favourable light if you do link to other companies. So long, of course, as your links are relevant and informative. That way, Google can ensure its customers gain an informative and thorough answer to their original search query. As such, Google’s happy, and you’re happy. It’s a win, win situation.

But, how do you link in the right way? For one, do your research. Try to avoid linking to irrelevant sites, or sites which fit with a keyword. Link to informative sources, which expand upon points you’ve already made. Remember; answering queries is Google’s primary concern. As long as you do that, you should be good to go.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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