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GPS Tracking Software Start-Up GPSWOX Going Global With 60k+ Satisfied Customers


GPS Tracking Software Start-Up GPSWOX Going Global With 60k+ Satisfied Customers

GPS tracking software programs are extremely useful for accessing the full report of the data tracked by a GPS tracker. So, a mere installation of a GPS tracker in your vehicle is not enough to know about its whereabouts. You have to sign up with a GPS tracking software account as well. But, which one should you go for? Well, when it comes to the best of GPS tracking software companies,  is a top choice worldwide.  Founded in 2014 by veteran hardware and software engineers, the start-up has already made a name for itself among the world’s leading GPS tracking software companies. Headquartered in London and with branches in EU & USA, GPSWOX currently boasts 60k+ global customers.

So, how did this small start-up transform into a global giant in less than 3 years? Well, let’s have a look at its amazing services.

A-Class GPS tracking software

GPSWOX is internationally reputed now as the provider of probably the best A-Class GPS tracking software. Its industry leading software supports 400+ GPS trackers and works for both personal use and fleet tracking businesses. Here are some pointers that make the GPSWOX program stand out in the market:

  • White-label software only.
  • Unlimited tracking.
  • Real time tracking report on people, truck, vehicle, cargo, boat, bicycle and mobile. Added to information on exact address, the software also provides reports on speed, travel history and fuel consumption of the tracked vehicles.
  • SOS alarms if the vehicle gets stolen.
  • Helps with Geofence which enables users to mark geographic boundaries in areas of specific interest.
  • Instant notifications when the tracked vehicle exceeds the speed limit and enters/exits geo-zone. It would also provide reports on stop-overs.
  • International technical support 24/7.
  • Custom vehicle tracking facilities available.
  • Software can be accessed from mobile.

Mobile tracking app

In tune with the modern “smart” world, GPSWOX offers mobile GPS tracker apps. The apps are available for iOS, Android & Windows users. It will transform the mobile into a solid GPS tracker to keep a tab online and in real time.

Comprehensive assistance

GPSWOX assures comprehensive assistance to its users. From transmitting the tracking object to installing the tracking software – the company sends its professional experts to help with everything. Besides, GPSWOX also offers free technical care, if needed. Then, the company supports its clients with all the needed training & related assistance to operate the software program and study its reports.

Offers GPS trackers

GPSWOX is not just about a cutting edge GPS tracking software program. In fact, the company also sells high quality GPS trackers. So, if you still haven’t got a tracking device for your cars, you can get both the GPS tracker and tracker software from here.

Helps in setting GPS tracking business

GPSWOX helps other startups aspiring for a strong GPS tracking venture without hefty investments. The company offers white-label GPS tracking software programs on cloud servers’ at the most economic price. GPSWOX servers are famous for their superior 99.99% up-time guarantee.  The GPSWOX experts would further provide the needed training to run the GPS tracking business and take care of the related technical tasks.  There will be constant technical support in case of any problem. Added to the tech support, GPSWOX would assist the start-ups in creating their corporate identity and would even localize it in the start-up’s local language. So, you get a complete solution here.

Wide variety of pricing packages

GPSWOX has come up with possibly the lowest pricing that you will ever find in the current GPS tracking software market. Most importantly, there is a wide variety of pricing packages to choose from as per your specific budget and preferences. Added to the 4 priced packages, the company even offers a free package, so that users can test the quality before investing their hard-earned money into it.


Multiple payment options

GPSWOX has made payments easier for customers through multiple payment modes. From VISA to Master Card to PayPal and more – there are various options for payment.

No wonder the company shows a huge list of happy clientele today. If you too are thinking of signing up for a GPSWOX tracking software account, just click on the Live Demo section on its website homepage.

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