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How Motion Graphics can Supercharge your Content Marketing


How Motion Graphics can Supercharge your Content Marketing

Successfully cultivating a strong awareness of your brand in a sea of brands trying to do the same is difficult to say the least. Yet brand awareness is crucial to building trust and creating the online presence that will ultimately deliver conversions and sales. Marketplaces are hives of activity and frankly, it’s no longer enough just to be visible. You also need to be memorable and recognisable.

At the end of the day, if people don’t know who you are, they aren’t going to buy from you.

Live-action video has always been an effective way of building your brand identity online and gives you a huge canvas onto which to paint your brand’s unique personality. Yet it is ultimately limited by the budget you have and the scope and scale which this entails. Unless you happen to have a Hollywood size budget, there are only so many ways you can present your brand with motion graphics.

Motion graphics are unique in that they allow you to integrate your brand and core values in a variety of very different ways. From the colour palette and music to movement, shape and design, paying attention to these comparatively small elements will produce content that is engaging and uniquely yours.

Animation boosts brand association

Did you know that if your audience genuinely enjoys your video content you could see your brand association soar by 139% and purchase intent increase by 97%?

It is therefore imperative to understand how your audience wants to receive information. You could make a generic video explaining your brand and/or products directly to the camera, but delving into the world of motion graphics and creating a compelling and visually engaging animated video with an interesting narrative could open up far more doors when it comes to creating something truly unique and memorable.

Emotionally potent

Motion graphics and animation can bring stories to life in new and innovative ways. These brand stories can be anything from funny to heart wrenchingly tragic. The point is that animation allows you to tell brand stories and put across the same message but in a totally different way.

It is also worth keeping in mind that marketing which induces an emotive response positively impacts consumer decision-making processes, even within B2B marketplaces.

Engage and Retain

Attention spans are shortening as we are bombarded with more and more content. Attracting them and holding them long enough to communicate your messages it more important than ever before and needs to come into play during the creative stage.

More than 60% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video, which equates to a large portion of audiences engaging with visual content long enough to absorb the core messages being presented. Motion graphics can help you to convey that message to a larger percentage of your audience.

Mobile Friendly

Some 90% of us watch video on our mobile devices and of those around 40% will go on to visit the brand’s website or store. Animation easily translates from one device to another, which creates all sorts of opportunities for you to influence your target audience across devices as well as platforms.

Unleash your Imagination

Motion graphics allow for total control of creative in every way. Forget about the constraints of huge casts, elaborate sets, far flung locations or even the laws of physics, animation allows you to bypass all of this and create whatever you want to create. In fact, with an experienced motion graphics company on board, the possibilities of what you can do are practically limitless. The only limit is your imagination and the skills of the animator.

Visualise complexity or metaphor

Motion graphics are an excellent tool to help you to present even the most complex ideas or nuanced concepts in easily digestible and visually memorable ways. Presenting facts and statistics through a narrator or presenter can feel dry and uninspiring, but show them in an animated graph or show your product working in animated form and you have a far more compelling message.

The same goes for metaphor. Instead of elaborating something, why not show it in visual form. This works well with message driven content where the animation brings to life what a narrator is saying, keeping attentions fixed whilst conveying what might otherwise be a lot of heavy information.

Video drives SEO

Finally let’s not forget the influence video in general has in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s been long known that Google values video because its users do (add to that the fact that YouTube, the largest video hosting platform online, is also owned by Google). Incorporating video content into your website will boost SEO and make your YouTube video or video hosting webpage more than 50x more likely to secure a spot on the first page of SERPs.

Creating original motion graphics will serve to increase click through rate, further driving the wheels of SEO and improving visibility, both within YouTube and Google’s SERPs.


About the author: Paul Silcox is the creative mind behind Ocula Motion Graphics. An energetic and creative Bristol motion graphics and 3D animation company, with a passion and a talent for amazing visual design Ocula has been creating inspirational visual design since 2007. You can connect with Paul and Ocula on Twitter or Instagram or check out their spectacular work on their YouTube and Vimeo channels.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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