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How To Build A Killer Website For Your Business


How To Build A Killer Website For Your Business

Whether you have an online business or a store-based one, having a good quality website could be the difference between a business that manages to get by, and a business that truly thrives. If you have minimal customer interaction, your website is your company’s only chance to make a first impression; you want it to be a good one. Below are the three things you need to keep in mind in order to make sure that your website is helping, not hindering, your company.

Make it user-friendly

Gone are the days of having to higher an expensive web designer in order to get a quality website. There are a huge array of websites that allow you to design your own web page in a matter of minutes. You should ensure that your website is neatly laid out and easy to navigate. Avoid bright or harsh colours and keep it simple. Above all, make sure that the font is easy to read and does not blend in with the background and become difficult to see. You could even try to gain feedback from your clients or customers as to how easy they found the website to use.

Make it visible

Once you’ve created a decent website, you need to be sure that your customers will be able to find it. Enlisting the help of an SEO agency will help you to make sure that anyone searching for products or services like yours will come across your website first. Search engine rankings are very important as it is incredibly rare for anyone to venture further than the top half of the first page in a search. Money spent on keeping your website near the top of any searches is money that is going to be very well spent.

Make it quick

Many people have forgotten what dial-up internet was like, and some may not even remember it at all. With that being the case, waiting a few extra seconds for a web page to load can feel like an eternity in today’s culture of instant gratification. A Content Delivery Network is a network of proxy servers scattered around the globe that creates a cache of data and can allow for faster access to your web page. Although data transfer is almost instantaneous these days, it does take some time for information to travel along the network lines. By utilising a CDN, you can physically shorten the distance from your host server and the computer trying to access your website. This means that transfer time and loading times are significantly reduced, allowing for speedier use of your site. There are many companies that offer services like this, so be sure to do some research to see which will be the most cost-effective method for you.

Follow these tips, and your website hit rates will skyrocket, meaning that your business will go from strength to strength. There are many other ways to improve your website and hone it to support your business better,  but these basics should make a big impact to begin with.

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