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How to Build a Love for Theory into a Career


How to Build a Love for Theory into a Career

From an early age, through schooling, college or university, there are some people who enjoylooking at the underlying theories behind how the world works. They enjoy a big-picture perspective, while at the same time examining the science, technology or processes that govern what they see. They enjoy the challengesof theoryand taking an objective look at the hows, the whys, the whens and the wheres. If this sounds a little bit like yourself, you may be wondering how to turn this love of theory into a rewarding, challenging and satisfyingcareer. Below are four ways how to build a career path you truly enjoy, by using education, resources andyour ownmind.

Furthering Your Education

The first stop on your future career path is of course in academia, where thousands of people attend every year hoping to further their education and learn valuable knowledge. From contemplating the inception of the universe to interrogating the meaning behind lines of poetic verse, academics spend their lives thinking, and they’re paidfor the unique contents of their brain, and the theories that they contemplate and deliver to the world. Channel your passion fortheory and knowledge byselecting a university course that will deliver you, with hard work and diligence, a career in academic life.

The free Chrysalis Course Guide to Becoming a Counsellor

The workings of the mind are perhaps some of the most fascinatingsubjects in which to theorise. Somewhere between medicine and philosophy, there’s a real aura of mystery behind how the mind develops, and only a few notable people (the likes of Freud and Jung) have come anywhere close to determining some of the mental space in which we exist. If this intrigues you, try the free Chrysalis Course Guide to Becoming a Counsellor, in which you’ll learn about how the human mind works through real-life examples. You’ll be able to apply your theory and initiative to help those suffering frommental illness or traumas to overcome their psychological concerns.

Choose A Speciality

A heady concoction of science, maths, structural knowledge and creative ‘blue-sky’thinking, a career in engineering is a varied as it is challenging. If you choose to follow this path, you’ll be able to specialisein the minutiae that keep the world running as it does, from roads and infrastructure to aircraft, battery power and space travel. It’s a career that exposes you to the world of theory in fascinating ways and, satisfyingly, you see that theory play out in practice in the real-world engineering triumphs that you’ll work towards.

Practice, Practice, Practice  

 Being a writer is not all about penning and typing the next great novel to hit WHSmith bookshelves. Rather, the written medium is a place for sharing ideas and knowledge in a concise and easy-to-interpret way. Whatever your passions, whatever your theorisingspeciality, it’s worth thinking about how you can share your knowledge by publishing the words you write about it. Create a blog, build a portfolio, run interviews, research and literature reviews, and slowly you’ll find your writing getting noticed. Writing is one of the best ways to shape ideas while also advertising yourself and your skills to potential employers, so give it a go!

For the love of theory, bear these four career options in mind if you fancy making the most out of your mind by applying it in the workplace.

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