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How to create a Killer mobile website with


How to create a Killer mobile website with

More and more people are using mobile devices everyday to browse the internet and if you do not have a mobile website then you could be missing out on a potentially huge source of business.

However creating a mobile website is usually time consuming and can take a lot of work. The other big problem with creating mobile websites is compatibility. If you create a touch friendly website then it will work great with devices like the iPhone and other android phones but will not work properly on devices like Blackberry’s which are not touch enables and have a different screen size.

Well, is the answer to your problem. It allows you to easily build a mobile website that is fully compatible with all internet enabled mobile phones. In this post we will be taking you through some on the features that this website has to offer.

When you visit the homepage there is the option to sign up for a plan or take a free trial for 21 days with no obligations.  Once you have created your account you are greeted by the dashboard.

From the dashboard there is lots of customizable options. You can change the colour scheme of your website to make it more suitable for your content. As well as this you are easily able to add new content and pages.

We tested this website in creating various different types of websites using different content layouts and options.  Within 15 minutes we were easily able to create a mobile website full content and pages. is different than many other websites offering similar services. You do not need any design or coding experience to create your website. As you can see from the picture above creating a new page is simple. Just click on the type of content you want on your page and everything is done for you. There are many options with everything from a live Twitter stream to a PayPal checkout page.

There is also an option to add a RSS Feed to your blog. We found this a great feature to anyone who already has an existing blog and wants to go mobile. We created an RSS page and this is how it looked.

The feed has a smooth design which is easily readable. As well as this there you are also able to pull down to refresh the page.


Once your website has been created you are going to want to publish it. For people building their own mobile website this can usually be a hard and long process. makes this simple with a one click publish button. With the trial version your website will remain published for 21 days and you can view our website here. Once your trial has expired then you will need to buy a package to continue using the service. If you decide you wish to change your website once you have published it then it is just a simple case of logging in and editing what you need to before hitting publish.

The Verdict

We believe that is a great way for you to build a mobile website for the following reasons.

Firstly, You do not need any HTML or coding skills so anyone is capable of logging on and creating there own mobile website within minutes. There is even a walk through video to show you exactly how to create a simple mobile website. If that is not enough there is a help section at the side which answers any questions you may have.

Secondly, Compatibility is what  is great at. Build your website once and it will have support for over 5,000 different phones and tablets. This will make your website standout from the competition as it is truly mobile and the support for different devices is unbeatable.

Finally, Pricing is also cost effective. With a free trial for 21 days you can really test out your website. After this there are plans starting at as low as £2/per month and totally ad free. If you believe the sky is the limit then you can go pro for an affordable £9/per month. The pro package has great options such as unlimited pages and your own custom domain. We recommend you check out today.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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