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How to Dispose of Confidential Business Waste


How to Dispose of Confidential Business Waste

There are so many factors to consider in a business that some things can get overlooked. This often happens with confidential waste, which may not be a dynamite business area but is something that has to be disposed of properly in order to adhere to the law and to avoid getting in serious trouble.

 Confidential business waste that contains information about clients, colleagues and customers has to be dealt with in a certain way to comply with British law, and a firm that was caught throwing away such materials into normal bins or at tips could be severely disciplined. For these reasons, the proper methods must be observed, and this usually means shredding.

Shredding is a common and effective way to get rid of business papers, contracts and other documents containing confidential and sensitive information. There are firms that specialise in collecting materials from businesses and disposing of it, either off-site or on-site if a company wants to be really sure that their paperwork is being shredded properly. There are a number of benefits to shredding your business waste:

The law – companies are required to dispose of their papers properly and are forbidden from throwing them in the garbage like other regular waste. A firm can be fined and get into a lot of trouble if they do not observe this legislation.

The environment – as well as making sense for your business, shredding your paperwork benefits the environment. Shredded waste is used in recycling and for every tonne of recycled paper 17 trees are spared, meaning it is certainly worthwhile.

Peace of mind – paper shredding ensures that you are adhering to the law and it also makes sure that your confidential materials are disposed of and can’t be read by competitors or anyone else who might be interested in your dealings.


So if you have waste to dispose of, contact a company such as Lombard Recycling that specialises in business waste and shred, shred, shred.

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