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How to Get Massive ROI from PPC Ads in the Travel Industry


How to Get Massive ROI from PPC Ads in the Travel Industry

Not too long ago, you had to drive over to your local travel agency and discuss with an agent to book a trip. How things have changed! Nowadays, all you have to do is ask Google, and you’ll get instant access to hundreds of offers.

According to a recent study from Google, travel planning accounts for more than 74% of searches. In fact, 57% of leisure travelers claim that they always start their journey with search. Another study has shown that people usually make around 38 visits to travel sites before purchasing a vacation package.

So, optimizing your travel website and having a solid internet marketing strategy is paramount if you want prospects to find you during their search process. But, with so many offerings out there, how can you make sure you stand out and capture qualified leads?

Here are four tips that will turn your PPC ads into lead-generating machines.

  1. Pay Attention to Seasons and Demographics

What are the chances of an ultra-orthodox booking a spring break package in Ibiza? Pretty low, you’ll tell.

If you saw an ad promoting a 20% discount on all beach holidays in October in Europe, would you book it? Possibly, but that would be a rare situation.

The idea is that marketing in the travel industry is a bit different. You can’t just set your PPC ads and forget about them for the next months. You have to pay close attention to seasonality and demographics and make adjustments to your ads constantly.

If you want to set up AdWords campaigns that will bring you massive ROI, you also need to bid on days when people are more likely to book a trip and promote destinations that are popular. Use the Dimension tab in Google AdWords to identify where and when people are looking to travel to and bid accordingly.

If your creative energy is spread across too many aspects of your travel business, hire a specialized company, such as Apollo to take over your internet marketing needs.

  1. Find a Unique Selling Point

You don’t have to be the best every way – have the best products, the best prices, etc. But you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. For instance, if your hotel business has average service, but prides itself on its award-winning restaurant, people who value good food will have a reason to book a holiday with you. So, make sure to include what makes you unique in your PPC ads.

  1. Earn Their Trust with Professional-Looking Landing Pages

When someone books a trip through your site, they have to provide sensitive information, such as their email addresses, phone number, and credit card data. Proving that your service is trustworthy and secure is paramount.

Trust signals play a vital role in generating leads for your AdWords Campaign. According to one study, 70% of consumers stop a transaction if they consider the page to be deceitful.

There are many types of trust signals you can include on your landing pages, but these four are the most important:

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Affiliation
  1. Create Visually Captivating Ads

There’s probably no other industry that appeals to visual stimuli more as travel. Just look at your colleague’s desktop and see how many backgrounds are travel destinations. So, it should be obvious that you need to focus more on creating visually captivating PPC ads.

The science is on your side too. Studies have shown that the human brain can process images 60.000 faster than text. More than that, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

However, don’t just throw a pretty picture of a beach and call it a day. Give your ads some context and provide prospects with just enough text to show them where they’ll be directed.

There are plenty of costs and risks for travel companies. That is why you need to be savvy about the way you spend money on marketing. Follow these tips, and you will turn your PPC

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