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How To Get More From Your Small Office Space


How To Get More From Your Small Office Space

Physical work space is one of the most critical aspects of work culture. Although working from home or on the move is easy, nothing can beat having a team working in harmony from the same room or building.

However, compared to a generous office space, a small office layout is challenging and requires more creativity. The reality is that shrinking office spaces are becoming a norm across the working world.

As per estimated real estate projections, the average square feet per worker for all organisations in 2017 is only 151 sq. ft. Moreover, limited space makes it much more difficult to organise the layout in an efficient manner that also continues to empower your staff to keep on working to the best of their abilities.

If you’re struggling to get by in your small office space and need help, the following tips may be the answer to your woes. However, you may be able to eke out more space from your small office setup if the problem lies with how your using the space.

There could be a possibility that your work is cut out because the office furniture you bought last Christmas is still all over the place or the equipment which suddenly became inoperative due to tech issues hasn’t been dealt with. If you don’t want to completely depart with the items, consider investing in storage space. You should easily be able to find local storage solutions, for example there’s the Cardiff self-storage providers Storage Giant whom I know of who offer secure options for business owners. If you get in touch with a company like this one, you can affordably store your items until you get a bigger office and clear the floor space in your existing cramped space!

Now, if you’re small office problems can’t be solved as easily as that, read on.

  1. Purge Everything for a Clean Slate

The idea to clear out everything to assess the spaciousness of your office is a fantastic one. However, subject to how much stuff your office already has this could be a difficult thing to do. The underlying notion is to have a workspace that is devoid of any clutter and keeps only essential pieces of furniture that your staff need to get by.

Conducting such an exercise will enable you to get rid of unneeded things such as that games table nobody ever uses or replacing your circular desks with long tables that can accommodate more employees.

You may feel overwhelmed in the beginning, but allotting time to analyse your whole work sphere will help to make it as space-efficient as possible.

  1. Opportunities to Work Remotely

A modern solution to a small office is to allow your team to work remotely from home. It frees up space in your brick and mortar office for employees who need to be there for meetings and conferences. This may not solve all of your space-related problems, but telecommuting is a practical way for employees to ensure the privacy they prefer when working.

It is pertinent to mention that before opting for such a work-arrangement, make sure to have a reliable internet connection to keep work data on the cloud which members of staff can access from anywhere.

  1. Highlight areas of interest in your workspace.

Does your office have a window with an impressive view? Or architectural details such as textured walls, period moulding or perhaps eye catching details? If yes, then try to highlight them.

This is because merely a bare brick wall behind your workstation offers more visual appeal than a Plain Jane white wall. Therefore, do not ignore the inherent details in your office when deciding where to place your shelves, workstations and other office necessities.

  1. Prioritise cleanliness

A small messy office gives an out of control and busy impression. You need to exercise efficiency in every aspect to eke out more space. For instance, little work practices such as not allowing bags or coats on desks will go a long way to prevent the chaotic pile-up that often takes place.

In addition, if you have a large amount of paper documentation and other files, you may want to invest in furniture that comes with additional storage space like benches and filing cabinets. It will better your office’s outlook without having to get rid of any essential documents.

  1. Lighting

You can also use the light in the room to maximise your office space. It is ideal to take advantage of as much natural light as possible, but if that is not an option make sure to install overhead down lighting or recessed lighting. On the other hand, it is crucial to avoid using floor and desk lamps if possible. Such lighting equipment eats up vital square footage.

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