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How To Keep Your Best Employees Productive & Loyal


How To Keep Your Best Employees Productive & Loyal

Every good boss know that their employees are the heart of the company. When they are working hard, the company thrives. When the worker base is motivated, passionate, and ambitious, it lifts the entire business. It creates an environment of productivity and forward thinking. It’s your job, as a business owner or manager, to bring out the best in your employees. It’s up to you to give them the motivation and excitement to succeed. It’s not always easy, but it works wonders.

The trick is getting the right balance of flexibility, freedom, and discipline. Your employees should be motivated to work hard because they believe in the company. Not just because there’s a paycheck at the end of the month. Creating this environment is tricky, but it will quickly boost your business growth. Today, we’ll show you how the best companies use it to their advantage. Best of all, we’ll leave you with a few takeaways you can implement immediately.

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Hire the best

The first rule is to hire the very best employees you can find. Some of the most successful companies on the planet attribute their success to their hiring process. These businesses will invest in their employees. They’ll offer the best wage packet, and create a culture of employee optimism. By creating this reputation, you’ll begin to attract the very best new employees. You can also do the hard work yourself. Don’t rush into filling a new position. Wait until the right person comes up for the job. Headhunt in the right places, and conduct detailed interviews. You’re looking for passion, dedication, and a specific set of skills.

Give them room to grow

Any good employee is looking to move up the company ladder. To ignore or deny that will ultimately cause frustration and resentment among your workers. Instead, use this ambition and passion, and harness it for the company. This motivation is a good quality, so help them explore their ambitions. As a manager, act as a mentor to help them grow and fulfil their ambitions. That way, they’ll stay loyal to the company, rather than looking elsewhere. Don’t micromanage, and give them freedom to do their jobs.

Train them

As we said, the best employees are looking to expand their horizons. They’re looking to the future. With that in mind, give them the opportunity to train, and learn more about the industry. If you have an employee who’s shown an interest in management, enrol them in project management training. It shows them that you believe in their skills, and you’re willing to invest in them. You can also make sure your employees are introduced to the newest technologies and techniques. Ongoing training like this will help them work to the best of their abilities.

Office perks

Sometimes, it’s the little things that boost morale, and create a positive office environment. You can try providing a simple breakfast for the troops as they arrive at work. This boosts their morning motivation, and it gives them a boost of energy. You benefit in so many ways from these small gestures. You can also provide job perks like health insurance, bonuses or a company car. These perks keep your best employees loyal and committed.


When you’re on the ground in a big organization, it’s easy to feel undervalued in the workplace. That’s how a lot of your employees feel unless you give them regular feedback. They want to know what happened to the report they contributed to. How have their ideas contributed to the wider company strategy. It doesn’t take much to feedback to your employees, and you should make it a regular habit. You can offer advice on how to improve certain aspects of their work. Or simply praise them for a job well done.


Feedback is all part of a bigger umbrella. That umbrella is communication. The relationship between you and your employees is vital. You should work to create an open environment of reciprocal communication. Your employees should feel comfortable coming to you with ideas and feedback. Likewise, you should do your best to keep your door open, and listen to them. Work with them to produce the best work, and encourage collaboration between colleagues.

Be flexible

Last of all, remember that they have personal lives and families. Offer a little flexibility when they need it. This consideration will go a long way, and they’ll appreciate the leniency.

Putting your employees first is one of the best management strategies you can employ. Try it for yourself, and watch productivity shoot up.

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