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How to Make Your Corporate ‘Party Bags’ Unforgettable


How to Make Your Corporate ‘Party Bags’ Unforgettable

Any company worth its salt will know the value of good marketing. Any savvy business owner will understand that in order to ensure your company stands out from the crowd, the mechanisms of marketing should constantly be in motion. From meticulous branding to social media strategies, your company image should be at the heart of your business.

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Upping Your Game

If you’re truly committed to upping your marketing game, hosting functions for your customers and competitors is a dynamic approach. As host, you’ll not only assume the mantle of leadership but you will create a space in which your leadership qualities can be proven. You may wish to impress with fine food and luxurious surroundings, or you might consider demonstrating your knowledge with a series of well-researched lectures or interactive seminars.

Whichever way you decide to show off your company, you’ll want to ensure guests leave feeling more impressed than they were when they walked in. But how can you help your guests to retain your brand message, after they leave the building? The answer is simple: use corporate ‘party’ or ‘goody’ bags.

The Function of a Corporate Party Bag

Of course, a corporate party bag has to be one step up from the type of party bags you’ll receive at birthday parties or weddings. A corporate party bag has to be branded, focused and relevant. It needs to be attractive, functional, and memorable. In short, a corporate party bag should be a microcosm of the very best that your company has to offer, presented in such a way that your guests will feel privileged to receive it.

Encouraging Positive Recollection

Of course, the most important function of the party bag is to encourage your guests to remember you after they leave. Memory relies on many factors, including personal interest, visual cues and concentration. You can easily bring these together providing you’ve chosen the right gifts, which could include anything from spa treatment vouchers to personalised miniature spirits. The perfect party bag present is one which involves some element of interactivity – not something which could just be left on the shelf.

This covers interest and concentration, so what about visual cues? The final and most crucial part of putting together an unforgettable corporate party bag is branding. Your company logo should be embedded into every aspect, from the gifts inside to the bag itself. With any luck, your guests will think of you every time they use their gifts, and your company brand will become firmly associated with all the fun they had both at your event and after they left.

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