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How To Reduce Your Employees’ Financial Stress


How To Reduce Your Employees’ Financial Stress

Financial wellness is a central element of your employees’ happiness.

Financial insecurity is a state that can have a knock-on effect on other aspects of life. It can cause great deals of stress and will certainly take up a huge amount of concentration.

Stress such as this can also mean that an employee is less likely to get the right amounts of sleep or maintain a healthy diet, which can affect not only mental, but physical wellbeing too.

Therefore, it is safe to say that a financially secure employee is likely to be more productive, more motivated, and more engaged with their work.

Although a large part of financial wellbeing is in an employee’s own hands, there are things that you can do as an employer, to minimise the risk of financial stress within the workplace.

If you are looking to offer support in this area, then here is how:


In areas such as finance, knowledge can be directly linked with power.

Therefore, providing financial wellness programmes, such as educational workshops, can give your employees the knowledge they need to manage their finances better, and avoid getting into debt.

These workshops will cover areas which can otherwise be confusing or challenging, such as savings accounts, pensions and can teach valuable skills such as budgeting that can help in everyday life.

Doing this will also show employees that they are cared for and valued as individuals, in their personal lives, and not just in the workplace.


Offering employee counselling to ensure employee wellbeing can help counteract the stresses of financial difficulties and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, insecurity, within your workforce.

Having someone to talk to in a turbulent time such as this, will help ensure that if an employee has a financial wellness issue, they do not feel that they are alone or have nowhere to turn too during this troubling time.

Support methods

Direct financial support such as a good pension scheme, bonus programme, salary, and benefits can reduce the strain on your employees and help to offer them a step in the right direction.

You’ll see returns for this based on the increased productivity and motivation they will have working for your organisation, as they will feel that their financial wellness is being made a priority by their employer.

This is also a highly useful benefit in attracting potential employees when you are recruiting.


A good way to support employees with their finances is to help to reduce their commuting and eating costs by providing cycling schemes, or weekly paid lunches for employees.

Not only will this aid employees’ financial wellbeing, it will work wonders for their physical wellness too.

Hopefully, by following these guidelines you will see the benefits of encouraging better financial wellbeing within the workplace, and its contributions towards creating a better workplace atmosphere.

Once this is done, the positive change will soon follow.

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