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How To Safely Clean Your Office Printer


How To Safely Clean Your Office Printer

If your office printer could do with a clean, printer and photocopier specialists Copyform have the lowdown on how to safely maintain your machine.

Switch off the power!

It may sound like an obvious tip, but don’t forget to switch off the power before you clean your printer! Make sure that the machine is switched off at the mains and if it has recently been in use, that all the moving parts have had time to cool down. Printers can generate a lot of heat, and you don’t want to get burnt!

Cleaning the print head

The print head is a task that should be carried out monthly, to ensure that the printer runs smoothly. You will first need to remove the print cartridge to access the print head, which you should then clean using a soft cloth and warm water. Do not use an alcohol-based cleaning fluid, as this could damage the machine, and ensure that you allow everything to dry out completely before replacing the print head and using the machine.

Check inside the machine

In the event of an internal part becoming jammed, lift the hood of the printer and check inside – don’t forget to first switch it off at the mains! Alternatively, without opening the printer you can often check the diagnostic lights on the front of the machine to identify what the problem might be. An important point to note is that in the event of a damaged part that needs replacing, you should always opt for an original, authentic part rather than a cheap copy. Inferior copies can sometimes end up causing lasting damage to the printer.

Replacing cartridges

When you need to replace a cartridge that’s run out of ink, the advice is the same as for when you need to buy a spare part – always opt for a branded refill rather than a cheaper generic cartridge. Whilst it will be more expensive, the quality brand will help keep your printer running smoothly.

Don’t forget to switch it off

It’s important to remember to switch the printer off when it’s not in use, because the print head and cartridge can become dried out and the printer can become clogged.

When in doubt, seek advice

If you’re concerned that your printer is damaged and you do not know how to repair it yourself, it’s always best to contact a reputable repair company who will be able to try and fix the machine for you. If in doubt, leave the printer alone, because you might end up causing even greater damage to it.

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