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[INFOGRAPHIC] Ransomware: practical tips on protecting your business


[INFOGRAPHIC] Ransomware: practical tips on protecting your business

Ransomware made its way into mainstream headlines in May 2017 with the global WannaCry attack, which hit the NHS and global businesses including Telefonica, Nissan and Renault. A cyber-threat that had been steadily growing over the past few years, Ransomware was finally recognised as a threat outside of cyber-security circles.

Whilst we see headlines mostly featuring large businesses that have been victims of a Ransomware attack, it’s important to understand that businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, are under attack. Hackers don’t discriminate, and may even specifically target small businesses and start-ups because of the critical risks posed to the business operations. If you’ve not been able to afford backups or security measures, having your business-critical data encrypted could decimate your company; hackers are relying on that fear in order to manipulate you into paying them.

This infographic from IT support company, Technology Services Group (TSG) highlights the growth of Ransomware and gives you practical tips on protecting your business.

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