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Interior Design Choices That Improve Productivity In The Workplace


Interior Design Choices That Improve Productivity In The Workplace

Employee productivity is a huge concern and if it drops significantly, that will be reflected in profits. There are plenty of ways to encourage productivity including paying a good salary, treating employees with respect and streamlining processes. The design of your office also has a big effect and most employers have considered that, but only to a certain extent. You’ve probably designed the office layout in such a way that it increases efficiency and boost productivity. That’s a good start, but there’s more you could be doing. You might not realize it but there are certain interior design choices you can make that have a big impact on productivity.

Color Schemes

Different colors have a very different effect on a person’s brain and you can use this to your advantage. Blue encourages creativity, yellow has a calming effect and helps with concentration and green gives a good balance of all of them. When it comes to fitting out the office, don’t just paint the walls white and get grey carpets. Instead, you should be getting bespoke carpets from places like contract carpet and choosing the colors accordingly, depending on which characteristics you want to encourage. When it comes to painting the walls, think about what the room is going to be used for. In collaborative work spaces where there is a lot of brainstorming and idea creation going on, go for a blue to encourage the creativity of your employees. But in areas where people are likely to be working independently, use a shade of yellow to help them focus. Having a varied and vibrant color scheme also stops employees from getting bored and creates a generally more inviting workplace which always helps with productivity.


Studies into office productivity show that offices with a few plants in them encourage employees to work up to 15 percent harder. They tested memory and had them do a few other basic tests and found that the people with plants in the office scored higher almost every time. It’s an incredibly cheap way to improve productivity and make the office look a lot nicer in the process.

Standing Desks

Sitting down all day is very bad for you. It encourages weight gain and bad posture which leads to all sorts of health problems. If your employees are suffering from sitting down all day, it’ll have a big knock on effect on their productivity. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to that problem; standing desks. They’ve been proven to have a lot of health benefits for your employees which makes them far more productive. When you’re standing, your body is physically working harder which makes your heart rate increase slightly. This will, in turn, make your brain more active and improve your work no end.

Treating your employees right and paying them a good wage are both good ways to encourage productivity in the workplace. But if you really want to get the most out of people, you need to choose your color scheme carefully, introduce a lot of plants and other decoration into the office and swap out those old fashioned desks for standing ones.

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