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Is it Possible to Maintain a Reliable Work Culture across Multiple EU Offices in 2017?


Is it Possible to Maintain a Reliable Work Culture across Multiple EU Offices in 2017?

Business owners have an overabundance of responsibilities on their shoulders and may find themselves confused and possibly torn apart due to the decisions they immediately had to take, in the aftermath of Brexit. Several business owners also took the decision of setting up multiple European offices, which may have caused quite the stir and raised the question: How is one supposed to maintain a consistent work culture across a manifold of European offices despite Brexit?

Well, it’s important to first understand the simplicity of it. Brexit may have caused mayhem and confusion, but it still doesn’t compare to the negativity of Trump among other things going on in the world. If anything, a business owner should remember – professionalism is the name of the game.

How Unique is Your Business?

It’s vital to assess the pros and cons of one’s business, before planning out the ways to maintaining a consistent work culture across a multitude of offices. This can also be done with assistance from companies that exist to develop better relationships among employers and employee as well as peers, such as Power2Motivate UK.

The most common mistake business owner’s tend to make, which later becomes the downfall of their business, is that they don’t align their company mission with their employees – regardless of whether there is one office or ten, five employees or a hundred. It is imperative that the employees have a clear knowledge of the mission and goals of their milieu.

Assess the Challenges

Regardless of whether you already have multiple offices set up in multiple European cities or countries, or whether you’re just planning to do so – groundwork is the key to it all. Having multiple offices within the EU and actually maintaining a consistent work culture across them all is anything but easy after Brexit. But, can it be achieved? Yes, of course. How, you ask. By coming to terms with the disputes and challenges that the company has faced or might face in the future.

Having several offices set up in different parts of Europe, or even Britain, might be the next big step to assuring business growth and success. However, it’s not going to be as easy as it was. The biggest challenge as well as loss that multiple offices tend to bring is that the employees are divided – causing separation and differences that most companies don’t have to face. However, offering employee benefits can also help the cause greatly.

Set Up Modes of Communication

Due to the fact that personal interaction between the employees of all the offices is necessary, as a business owner you should set up different modes of communication to allow them to interact better. For example:

  • Social Media: Social media is one the most imperative tools of communication founded by man, especially in this day and age. People from all around the world manage to stay in touch, so you could also use this for your employees to stay in touch.
  • Blogging: Setting up a company blog will also allow the employees to view as well as add memoirs of their own offices, hence giving diversity to the blog as well as to the employees.

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