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It’s Time To Make A Choice: iPhone Or Samsung?


It’s Time To Make A Choice: iPhone Or Samsung?

For the past couple of years, the big debate in the tech community has been about Apple Vs Samsung. In fact, the argument is that big that people outside of the tech community are taking notice. Does everyone want an answer to the question which one is better? Well, here at Startup Today, we’re going to try and help you answer that very question. Hold on because this is going to be a bumpy and emotional ride!


Both have quality aesthetics, which you would expect from any manufacturer these days. However, the iPhone is and always has been very sleek and attractive. Okay, the new model is a lot bigger than usual, but it still manages to feel like a typical Apple product. The Samsung doesn’t look or feel like a brick by any means, yet it still seems bulkier. Apple prides itself on its appearance – part of Steve Jobs’ genius – and it is always hard to beat one of their products when it comes to looks.

Round One – iPhone

Operating System

What has been so good about the iPhone is the quality of the system. For years, it has been like the Mercedes in Formula 1 – unbeatable and miles ahead of the competition. Now, however, Samsung is fighting back, and it looks like it’s winning. At the moment, there is not much on the market that can match the power of Galaxy 7 with 4GB RAM and its Exynos 8890 processor. The iPhone 7 is a worthy competitor, but the sales of the Galaxy 7 seem to suggest consumers are voting, and they are voting for the Samsung

Round Two – Samsung


Whereas the other two features are debatable, there is no debating who wins regarding the display. Samsung has the best display, and it is a feature which no one will dispute. The 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen offers a 577ppi pixel density, which is pretty much unheard of regarding display. The iPhone might look like a challenger, but the devil is in the details. The pixel density is a lot less, yet it looks better because it uses a smaller screen. If both had a 5.1-inch screen, the iPhone wouldn’t be able to compete in terms of display.

Round Three – Samsung


Unlike its Android counterparts, there are examples of old school Apple products which are still alive today. In fact, they work just as well such is their durability. Samsungs are durable, but they are a little flimsier when compared to their nearest rival. It’s pretty easy to repair one with the help of companies like Mobile Computer Repair because it doesn’t take much time. Still, it costs money, and that’s money there is no need to spend with an iPhone.

Round Four – iPhone

Mitigating Circumstances

It’s worth mentioning that Apple and Samsung went to court and Apple won. The suit? Apple accused the South Korean company of copying their technology. For the purest, this revelation is a big deal that puts the iPhone out in front. Even if Samsung has a better phone, they got it by copying Apple.
The winner, at least in our eyes, is Apple. Sorry Samsung!

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