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Landing a Job Right after College is Easier than It Seems


Landing a Job Right after College is Easier than It Seems

As you start approaching the end of your college days, mixed feelings might ensue – on the one hand, you’re forever (probably) leaving school behind and are finally ready to join in the world of university graduates. On the other hand, make no mistake, this will be scary – you will feel lost and confused. However, this doesn’t mean that landing a job straight out of college is as difficult as people say – in fact, if you do things properly, it’s easier than it seems!

Start networking in college

If you’re still in college while reading this, then start making connections immediately! Your fellow students are likely a part of the same, or at the very least related, field; so, there’s no reason to keep to yourself. Naturally, the landscape of business has tremendously changed over the course of the last decade – everyone is more aloof and friendlier, which means that being relaxed and casual is of the essence when making contacts.
Networking is also important for building your own business – the modern-day professional establishment needs every single field – from the internet presentation (website) to HR –and this is simply easier if the majority of your team is made up of your friends and/or acquaintances!

Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the most important social network in terms of your professional profile. If you’ve already created your LinkedIn, make sure that you fill it with relevant information, such as your high school info, extra-curricular activities, awards, accolades, skills, previous job, etc. and make sure that you keep this updated.
Jobs such as working at a summer camp and/or babysitting should also be included – no one will judge you for it, in fact, this shows that you’re enterprising and that you have had experience with responsibility.
LinkedIn is important for building your list of connections early in the game!

Social media

Although technically a social media website, LinkedIn has more of a professional ring to it. However, mastering your connections with Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram is crucial. Why? Well, for two reasons: connecting socially with professionals that you might need and receiving relevant information about the market.
However, in order to make sure that your Facebook page is as effective as possible, you’ll need to get rid of all the clutter. Yes, that means all the funny cat and dog video pages (okay, you’re allowed to follow one or two) and all the annoying Facebook friends that feed you with nothing but an unnecessary insight into their lives. Hide that which you do not find relevant for your professional life and start following the relevant content. The same goes for Twitter and Instagram, of course.

Enroll into a learning program

There is no better way to properly fill out your CV than by having experience and there is no better way to earn this experience than by combining working with learning. Enrolling into a learning program such as Premium Graduate in Australia will land you with enough experience to fast track your career, regardless of whether you’re an international graduate, or a student from the Land Down Under.

Keep an open mind, but nurture your idea

Of course, you can’t really hope to get your dream job straight out of college. You need to keep an open mind when it comes to the variety of offers before you once you’ve graduated – every single one will be a nice addition to your CV’s work experience section.
On the other hand, while there’s nothing wrong with doing something that you aren’t really crazy about for a period of time, it is true that these jobs are “dream killers”, should you stick for too long. It is important not to make any commitments and that you always keep your eyes on the prize – everything you do is a stepping stone towards achieving your dream, but you can’t let anything get between you and your ambition.

If you start on time, getting a job immediately after college won’t be that difficult. It is important, though, that you keep an open mind about the positions and that you never lose sight of your goal! Oh yeah, and use the Internet to the fullest of extents – with it everything is possible and without it, well, nothing is!

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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