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Make business travel less painful with our top tips


Make business travel less painful with our top tips

Getting the company to pay for your trip abroad always feels great! It’s almost as if you have arrived in your dream job, but in reality business travel is not the free holiday we often hope it might be. Booking tickets, coordinating journey times, arranging meetings, it’s monotonous at best, stressful at worst, and always one big headache – and that’s only if everything goes according to plan. Throw in a delayed flight and you’ve got the grind of waiting in an airport to deal with.

But there are ways to minimise the stress and maximise the holiday feeling you once hoped for. Try some of our 10 top tips…

  • Let’s start at the beginning, before you even get to the airport: rent a car to take you there. Think about it – no airport car parking and no waiting around for a taxi, you remain in control, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. If you’re going to splash out on one thing, this is it, and if you remove the stress of even getting to the airport, you’ll cut the level of overall stress dramatically.
  • Reduce the chance of falling ill. Taxis, airports and airplanes are all hotbeds of germs so you’ll want to keep the hand sanitizer close by and minimise the chance of infection.
  • Think about the noise. Get a comfortable pair of headphones and a white-noise app for your phone. Or, get some soft inner-ear plugs to drown out that noisy tourist or wailing child.
  • Get a good book. It’s great escapism and for many, reading while standing in line makes the time fly by. It also helps most to fall asleep quickly once the flight is off the ground.
  • If you travel frequently, keep a bag of essentials packed at all times. Toothbrush, hair product, deodorant and so on. You’ll need to replenish them from time to time but it makes packing more straightforward and reduces the stress of worrying you’ve forgotten something.
  • Use a travel checklist. Write down all the things you need and check them off as you go. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it will help to minimise the stress.
  • Drink lots of water. Dehydration is a major source of discomfort and stress.
  • Get a good meal. Use Yelp’s app to find decent food in a new city. It’ll take away the task of actually having to find somewhere, as you’ll just have to choose, and that in itself will be relaxing.
  • Stay productive. Take work to do while waiting. The time will pass more quickly and you won’t always be thinking this is lost time.
  • Research local customs and events. You’re bound to get some time off, so quickly research some local events to attend. It’ll give you the stories you need when you get home!

Bon voyage!


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