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Simple Monetisation Models For Your Content Start Up


Simple Monetisation Models For Your Content Start Up

When you first start a business, you can often want to keep things slow and steady. There’s always a lot of risk with going out on your own, so it’s not always the smartest of ideas to go in too heavy at the start. This can often be the case when your business is content related, like a blog. But when you’ve found your feet, and you feel more confident with what you’re creating, you may be looking to boost your business. When it comes to content, this is always going to be down to your monetisation options. So let’s take a look at some of the simplest to get you started.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest forms of monetisation to get your head around, and to apply to your blog, is affiliate marketing. By working with different brands and businesses and placing links to their site or products, you can earn a commission on any sales that your blog content produces. So when you’re writing about different products or businesses on a regular basis, you may be able to see a steady stream of income from the commissions that the businesses offer you. This can work really well when you have a set niche, or your readers are highly engaged.

Display Marketing

Next, let’s look at display. Display marketing or advertising is sort of the ‘official’ terms for banner advertising. This kind of method works as a kind of automated method, rather than you placing ads on your site yourself. You will often sign up with an advertising exchange, like Google, so that they can deliver ads to set areas of your blog whenever a reader chicks on. These ads are always targeted, meaning that one person will see a different ad when on the same page as another person, as the adverts are often based on their personal interests.

Sponsored Posts

Then we have another classic to consider. Sponsored posts can often generate a healthy income for your blog. By creating a blog post based on a set campaign or collaboration with a brand or business, you can charge a set fee for writing it and advertising the brand in the process. The fee you charge will often be based on your value to advertisers, like your following, traffic, or engagement levels.

Product Sales

As time goes on, you may also want to think about selling your own products. But to do this, you will need to build an online shop and have some kind of ecommerce capabilities. Now the products you sell can be either physical products, or even downloadable. But the decision you make on that will often be based on what your readers want.

Advertising Sales

You also have the option to sell your own advertising space on your blog too. This can work similarly to display advertising or banners, in the sense that they will look the same. But the difference is that they will be stationary, and be seen by everyone, rather than change when the page reloads. You will also charge a set fee for these, rather than be paid according to what the display campaign outlines.

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