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Starting a Sheet Metal Fabrication Company


Starting a Sheet Metal Fabrication Company

Industrial manufacturing isn’t something that a lot of entrepreneurs think of when looking for their next great business idea, but that doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t money there. There’s always a need for metal fabricators, as with a great many industrial applications, and if you can work yourself into a niche, then you’ve got yourself a strong business that should always have custom. To do this, there are three major things you need to think about before you get started.


Having skilled labourers is absolutely essential to any business like this, and you need to give more thought to your employees than you might if you were setting up a restaurant or retail establishment. It is best if you have a strong foundation of workers who are highly qualified and experienced, and you can then support them with trainees and apprentices to ensure you’ve always got the next generation of experts coming through. Asking for demonstrations of ability is always a good idea, because you’re going to be relying on these people to get the job done. More experience means the business can be more productive, and the chances of things going wrong are greatly lessened.

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You’re clearly going to have a large outlay of equipment, so good forward planning is critical to ensure that you keep costs to a minimum, and that you’ve always got the necessary tools available. There’s a lot to think about too; you’ll need more than just the equipment that does the fabrication, as there are all kinds of supporting tools. As an example, you’ll have large, bulky and heavy loads to move around your premises, and things like fork-lift trucks may well be required. Have a look at to get an idea of what you’re looking for.


Traditional forms of advertising are unlikely to work particularly well in this industry, so there are going to be a couple of things you rely on. The first is having contacts to begin with; you need to start somewhere. Secondly, digital marketing is going to be very important. Businesses looking for other businesses are these days unlikely to look through a trade catalogue to find sheet metal fabricators – this is something that might have been common ten years ago, but not anymore. They’re instead going to be searching through the results of the most popular search engines to find the local company they need. Having a presence here will really help you get your message and brand out there. In particular, it is very important that you get ranked for local terms, as this is likely to be where you get the majority of your custom from.

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