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Starting Up as a Musician in 2014


Starting Up as a Musician in 2014

If you’re looking for an avenue from which to channel your creative side, music might be one of the best ways to do it.  As long as you have raw musical ability, there are no barriers preventing you from making high quality music accessible for the whole world to hear other than time and a small amount of money. To get you off the ground, here are some basics as to what you’ll need, starting up as a musician in 2014.

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If you’re looking to produce any kind of popular music, you’ll need a computer and midi controller.  In terms of your PC, you don’t need a massive amount of performance, and graphics technology is pretty much superfluous. Most music production software is designed to run on very little power, meaning that a medium range desktop will be perfectly fine.  It will need to be USB-enabled and internet-ready, but those parameters pretty much include every modern computer available on the market. As well as your PC, you’ll need a MIDI controller.  This comes in the form of a USB keyboard for most people, allowing you to play music into your computer, the data being read by the MIDI transfer.


The software you use to produce your music is called a DAW – a digital audio workstation.  This application is used primarily for 3 main reasons: to record, edit and play back audio. This means that your MIDI devices connect straight into your DAW along with microphones through an external sound card.  In other words, your DAW is your portal to music production: everything goes through it and records into it, resulting in a single audio file playable in the formats you require it to be.  Your first DAW shouldn’t be too complex, so here’s a good guide to DAWs for beginners.


Your equipment shouldn’t simply limit you to music production; it should allow you to transfer your set up to a live performance space with minimal fuss.  This might mean swapping out your heavy desktop for a compact, inexpensive laptop like the ones available from SCC Trade which can run your DAW and allow you to play your MIDI instruments through a venue’s PA system.  Even better, with your microphone running through your DAW, you can apply a variety of effects such as reverb, delay and noise to create different effects.

Ultimately, becoming a musician in 2014 is not a challenge if you have the raw musical ability and you’re willing to understand the technology.  Hopefully this short guide has helped.

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