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Startup Lacking Brand Recognition? These Ideas Can Help


Startup Lacking Brand Recognition? These Ideas Can Help

Getting your business’s name out there is one of the toughest things you can do as a startup. It’s a competitive and noisy world, and trying to cut through the chatter and make an impact with potential customers takes hard work, talent, and a lot of luck. But it isn’t impossible Here are several ways that you can start making a name for yourself. They won’t cost the earth and, assuming you have done your planning correctly, can be highly effective.

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Get A Stall At A Trade Show

Trade shows are great for giving you an audience that is already primed to hear about your product or service. Try one of the smaller, more local trade fairs first, as the bigger, international events can be overwhelming if you haven’t experienced one before. Make sure you make a positive impact on everyone you meet and don’t forget to get contact details from as many people as possible.

Make A Video

Video is a great way of getting your message across about what you do. You can either go for live action or an animated style. Make it engaging and humorous if you think it’s appropriate, but also make it stand out from the crowd. Make sure that you take a look at the sort of videos that everybody else is doing – and do something entirely different. Have a look around your area for some corporate video production companies to give you some assistance.  Above all, you have to get your message right. You have to outline what you do in the first ten seconds, and back it up with examples of why a customer should buy from you. Be careful about length, too. If your movie is too long, people will get bored. If it’s too short, nobody will understand what you are offering. It’s a fine line between success and failure, which is why you should probably hand over the reins to professionals.

Use Crowdfunding

Once you have your video sorted out, it could be an ideal time to look into crowdfunding. Services like Kickstarter and CrowdCube can give you the opportunity to gain a foothold in your industry and raise vital funds to complete a project and launch it. Crowdfunding also gives you essential exposure and helps you understand a little more about your market. You can’t lose – even if your project fails to reach its target, you will have gained valuable knowledge about what is working and what isn’t. You will also have the details of a core number of people who are keen on your product – people who could easily be swayed to become brand champions.

Need some more ideas? Try our guide to online marketing for startups and see if that helps. And don’t forget to share any ideas you might have in the comments section below.

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