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Succeeding as an influencer marketer – Experts share some advice


Succeeding as an influencer marketer – Experts share some advice

Content marketing still continues to be one of the most powerful strategies for businesses to spread their word and increase visibility. Lately, there are many business organizations which have turned to influencer marketing to power their content with even longer legs. As the definition of influencer marketing goes, it is a form of marketing which emerged from different studies and practices where the main focus is on particular key individuals instead of the target audience as a whole. It is when businesses collaborate with influential people in the industry to offer content marketing with a wider reach.

There are many articles doing the rounds on the internet which speak about what influencer marketing is and how it can drive the sales in a better way than conventional advertising. Experts share few tips in this post to assist you with formulating the best marketing efforts.

  • It’s important to allow your influencers to have freedom in terms of creativity

Influencers should always have a clear idea about where they stand in terms of popularity. It’s vital that you allow them to have full control in the creative sense while promoting a service or a product. Something that you may think of would not gel with the audience as per the influencer. They are the ones who engage with their audience to get to know what they respond to and what averts them. So, whenever you allow them to control the creative path, you will get a post with an even better organic feeling and also a better end result.

  • Question yourself whether he is the right fit for your brand

It is indeed necessary to dig deep while hiring an influencer and you have to ask yourself whether or not you want the influencer to be representing your brand. Check all his social media profiles to find out anything which works like a red flag against him. Remember that this is someone who essentially represents your brand and when a consumer sees that the brand is promoted by someone who doesn’t engage in meaningful conversations, drop him immediately. Don’t let the influencer negatively impact your brand.

  • Avoid getting carried away by follower count

Remember that follower count doesn’t mean anything. There are several campaigns being run on Instagram with 6.5 million followers and other accounts with 30,000 followers. Single smaller accounts usually outperform the larger ones. What you should look at is the engagement rates and the kind of engagement which the posts are getting. The audience who follow the models and where you find millions of followers will never buy anything; they’re just following their bikini pictures.

  • Keep tracking and measuring your marketing campaign

You should always be aware of whether or not your influencer efforts are working. No, there is never a 100% guaranteed success formula and the total number of likes and comments obtained by a post doesn’t indicate success. Check your Google Analytics and take a look at referral traffic to see whether or not you notice a large increase in post engagement.

Therefore, as long as influencer marketing is concerned, you may take into account the above mentioned strategies to get best results.

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