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The Advanced Guide To Freelancing


The Advanced Guide To Freelancing

In today’s economic climate, the prospect of being your own boss is an ever-popular idea. Even more popular is becoming your own boss in a profession which indulges your hobbies or creative outlets. Many graduates or former business workers are ditching their desks in pursuit of their dream careers, seeing a huge influx of available freelancers. Indeed, self-employment is on the rise, thanks largely to the rise in status of the internet, which gives independent authors, artists and creatives unlimited potential to achieve their business goals.

Firstly, you obviously need to LOVE your craft, and know it well, because making a living as a freelancer is by no means an easy task.

You are going to face rejection and criticism, so being thick-skinned is essential (who has time to spend hours eating ice cream and crying in the foetal position, anyway?). And with so much rejection abound, it is important that your love of your chosen medium is your overall motivating factor because you are going to face setbacks, and quitting is so much easier when you hate what you do. What’s important is that you remember that competition is fierce and rejection is natural.

Not only do you have to love your craft, but you also have to be good at it! Nobody is going to pay you for your service if the quality of your work is substandard to your competitors. Ensure that every piece of work in your portfolio is representative of the consistent quality that you can offer. If you are a photographer, for example, you probably wouldn’t want to include that blurry photo that you first took when you were first testing your camera. Remember, it’s better to have a minimal portfolio of your best work, rather than try to bulk it out with lacklustre products.

Not only are all successful freelancers experts in their craft, but they are also business-savvy, too. To help turn profit as a freelancer, you will need an understanding of digital marketing. You are very, very unlikely to become an overnight success (and even overnight success stories have been honing their craft for years), and so you need to market yourself in the best possible way. Engage with social media and set up your own blog, where you can publicise your work and connect with author freelancers and big brand businesses, who may like your portfolio and offer you work. This is one of the most popular ways of broadening awareness of yourself as an independent artist.

And what about when you start noticing the cash-flow start rolling in, when all of your hard work has paid off, and you are finally getting the recognition (and pay) you deserve as a fully-fledged freelancer? Well, to avoid legal complications, it would be worth seeking the advice from the qualified accountants that who can help guide you through this financial minefield, and potentially save you a dime or two! Speaking to an accountant simplifies the financial aspect of business, and enables you to concentrate more of your creative energy into your artistic endeavors.

Yes, you may face rejection, but this is not failure. If you are pursuing a craft that you love and focusing all of your energy into it, you will eventually lead the life that you have dreamed of and achieve the success that you deserve.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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