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The secret to managing small business accounting with intuit QuickBook’s


The secret to managing small business accounting with intuit QuickBook’s

When starting up a new business, accounting is something of high priority which you want to be hassle free. Well, with over 4.5 million users QuickBooks by Intuit is worth checking out for small business account management.

Compared to it’s competitors QuickBooks is an ultra easy to use software starting at just £9 pound per month. What we like about QuickBooks accounting software is that we were able to get going within minutes, which can not be said for some of it’s competitors. As well as this we did not need to waste time worrying about spreadsheets with over complicated formulas to work out things such as VAT as all of this was done for us. With QuickBooks we were able to watch every sale in front of us fully up to date.

A nice feature of QuickBooks Online is the ability to be used on both windows and MAC computers. You can even view your accounts on the move through smart phones and tablets. This makes it more widely available than other alternative software out there which may limit your usage to just windows computers. Another feature of QuickBooks that we liked is the simplicity of the software. In spreadsheets you have to create all your own formulas as well as needing to spend time creating individual reports if you want to review your data. QuickBooks does all of this for you and you can generate a report in no time.

If you are planning on starting up and want to spend more time on actually managing the business instead of the accounts then you should give QuickBooks a try with its easy to use functions. If you do not want to commit straight away then you can visit their website and get a 30 day free trial and make your mind up for yourself but we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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