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Three Reasons Your Startup Needs a Stellar Accountant from Day One


Three Reasons Your Startup Needs a Stellar Accountant from Day One

You can have a million and one great ideas for your startup, but without the right team around you the company can only go so far. Having a top class accountant might not be at the top of your priorities list, but make no mistake – they’re well worth their weight in gold. Below, we outline some of the main benefits of hiring an accountant for your startup as soon as you can.

Keeping Track of Money

We’re sure it’s no surprise that your accountant is going to help you keep track of your finances. But it cannot be emphasized just how important it is to have all your books in order. All going well, you’ll be dealing with finances that are too large for an inhouse team to keep all in order – and large enough that they could be difficult to untangle later on. Get an accountant as early as possible to ensure all your books are in sound standing from day one. Nobody ever regrets getting an accountant too early, but they do sometimes regret leaving it too late to find one that works well with them.

You’ll Know When To Strike

You’ll have plenty of ideas about the growth of your company; when to grow, when to cut, when to do anything on your way to worldwide superstar status. What you might not realise (unless you’re an accountant yourself) is that all your decisions need to be in line with the financial status of your company. This is where your accountant will come in. They’ll be able to give invaluable advice about when you should do the things you have planned without jeopardising your long term prosperity. A talented accountant can be the difference between a company achieving true success and one that grows too quickly and is unable to keep up. Hire, listen, and take their advice.

The Outside Voice

You’re young, talented, and full of energy for your new venture. That’s a fantastic start, but everyone, absolutely everyone is liable to make mistakes from time to time. But you’re the boss, and while you pay attention to the thoughts and feelings of those beneath you, you know that ultimately you need to remain the boss and can’t let others in the company have too much of a say.

That’s where your accountant comes in. You can’t have everything on your shoulders at all times. Hire the right firm and you’ll have a trusted voice that is able to give you the benefit of all their wisdom without stepping on your toes. They’ll be an extension of your startup family – and in the case of some accountants, like Atkinsons, a family business itself. Work together long enough and they’ll be hugely important to the success of your company. They’re on the outside, sure, but they genuinely want you to succeed, and will most likely have insights into your industry through their experience that you simply couldn’t have.

All too often, accountants are the unsung heroes of startups. They’re not behind the scenes of a product or website, they’re behind the company, working away diligently to ensure the creative innovators can get on with what they do best – being creative innovators. Get it right, and soon.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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